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Farewell to Televisa: after kissing with an actor and "affair" with his boss, the driver leaves "Hoy" for difficult reasons

Farewell to Televisa: after kissing with an actor and “affair” with his boss, the driver leaves “Hoy” for difficult reasons

Mexico City. – A lovable actor and host, with a career spanning over 35 years Televisa She sparked controversy a few years ago by appearing in a TV series with a talented actormay give up Today’s program For a precise reason. it’s about Raoul Arizahwho spent 14 years on a morning starsBut he has not attended the broadcast for two weeks, which sparked speculation about his absence.

Arizah “The Black” He has starred in many controversies in his career. In 2019 it was announced divorce From the mother of his daughters, after years of showing him a magazine betrayal with another actress. Ariza was also one of the celebrities who allegedly sold their votes green party in the 2021 elections. Then after a positive test for COVID-19 And had to leave today, he was caught on the shores of Acapulco without face maskWhich made him scold the producer Andrea Rodriguez.

This is exactly with Producerdeceased sister Magda RodriguezIt is rumored that he had something to do. A few months ago, journalist Alex Caffee confirmed in his show column that the “Negro” was going to have an alleged “affair” with Andrea: “The TV producer assumes that the ‘Negro’ has already eaten lunch (which means for Raoul Arizah)”. Although no one has talked about it in this thread, it has never been confirmed.

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Although Raoul Arizah will be a dear one san angel tv, from the morning broadcast for two weeks. Since the audience remembers that the driver has alcohol problems In the past and was open about his battle against vices, he left today Without an explanation, his sudden disappearance in the networks gave rise to rumors as to why he was replaced by Mauricio Barcelata I Charles Arenas in today It may be because he had a setback.


Show blogger Alejandro Zúñiga commented that this theory about his departure is getting stronger, as it is strange that on the morning this week he celebrates his 24th year on air, he does not say where he is and does not appear on the video as I did Galilea Montego also Andrea Legarreta: “What happens in Today’s program It’s something we don’t understand very well. Raúl is one of the pillars of this program along with Andrea and Galilea, they are the longest-serving drivers,” said Zuniga.

He added: “The program is 24 years old, and then the strange thing is that Areza is not right in celebrating the program. Gallia is not present, but she announced that she is going on vacation so that there is no speculation. In the case of Raul, there is no explanation and he disappeared from the social networking sites,” as Areeza did not appear. On networks at any time even though he is usually very active on them.

“There is very strong speculation that this might happen relapse of his illness. Raoul alcoholic Throughout his life he went through moments of severe crisis. This version would make a lot of sense because if you went on vacation and announced it, it would not be mentioned at all in the program ”, without ruling out the fact that he could have called for help to recover if that was the case. Although he reiterated that a certain science does not know what is happening and that no He knows only that his departure was sudden and without explanation.

For his part, the driver made no secret that he had to go through hard times as a result of addictionHowever, he was honest about it and told how he managed to move forward. In a program members on airArizah indicated that he stayed in the hospital for 4 years United State In military school, so when he left he began to have problems with alcohol and women. Recalling the time he hit rock bottom, he recalls:

Suddenly older, as soon as my daughters saw me until the morning … and I said, ‘I can’t leave them this memory’ and that’s when I started getting lighter, but without stopping to live, ‘he said.

Until now, he did not know the real reason for his absence todayHowever, the fact is that the driver has also disconnected some time from the networks, so he can only clarify where he is and whether he has already experienced a setback as expected in various sources.

Source: Tribune

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