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Was Shakira unfaithful to de la Rua?  This is how Pique Mediotempo’s ex-wife ended up

Was Shakira unfaithful to de la Rua? This is how Pique Mediotempo’s ex-wife ended up


Shakira and Gerard Pique The topic of conversation in many parts of the world has been the result of the new song that the Colombian dedicated to the former Barcelona football player, but in the past few hours Several users reminded the translator of “Waka Waka” that she was not loyal to Antonio de la Rúa Here we remember his story.

Listen to the new song by Shakira and Seeds

Did Shakira cheated on her former partner with Pique?

Shakira and de la Rúa met at the end 1999 During a dinner after presenting his album “Where are the Thieves?”. Colombia itself He later said it was love at first sight And from there began one of their most famous romances, since they were together until 2011.

fact, In March 2001 they became engaged But the wedding never took place and until now the reasons are unknown. The fact is that the Argentine began to act on behalf of singer manager And she was a vital part of his career growth in the 2000s.

Why did Shakira end up with de la Rúa?

However, the situation began to get more complicated in 2010 when Shakira participated in the World Cup in South Africa There he met Gerard Pique, and began exchanging text messages with him.

Months later, the couple suddenly broke up in the middle of it Rumors of infidelity and he no longer cared so much for her; Therefore, Shakira, through a press release in early 2011, announced a temporary hiatus, although it was already final.

We see this disconnect as temporary and as a time of individual growth as we continue to be partners in our business and our careers. “

After that, the legal troubles began as de la Rúa attempted to freeze the assets of the Colombian in 2012 and then L.ALawsuit for $100 million He demands a portion of the singer’s earnings, though they both end up dumping.

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