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Fabio Capello confirms it's easy to explain that Italy were knocked out at the World Cup in a row and "blames" Pep Guardiola

Fabio Capello confirms it’s easy to explain that Italy were knocked out at the World Cup in a row and “blames” Pep Guardiola

Fabio Capello asserts that Italian technicians have tried to imitate Pep Guardiola’s style, but they don’t have enough pieces

Italia I will not go to world Cup For the second consecutive edition. Last Thursday (24), the team lost to North Macedonia 1-0 with Trajkovski’s goal in overtime.

Among the critics of the choice after the fall, the Italian coach Fabio ChapeloHe is also a former player for Milan, Roma and Juventus. For him, one of the factors that led to another disqualification is Pep Guardiola.

The experienced coach told Sky Sports that the Italians are trying to imitate the Catalan coach without having enough pieces, so they are failing.

“The explanation is very simple. I have been saying for a long time that we copy football Guardiola 15 years ago without enough quality. physically Macedonia He was ahead of us in dynamism, strength and determination.”

“Everything is clear: even if we understand that the model to be copied is the German, we will not grow, because if we want to do like the Spaniards, who have superior style, we will never achieve it, and we always do it at 50%.”

The commander also said that the model to be copied was the German one. “It’s a matter of determination, vertical play and depth. The only team in Italy that has done that and achieved it is Atalanta. If we don’t understand that in order to play in Europe you have to play a certain way, we will always make you stay behind.”

Italy played its last role Globalism In 2014, when they were eliminated from the group stage, as well as in 2010. Balotelli scored the last goal for the country in the tournament, in his debut against England.

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