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ER and ER doctors deserve appreciation

The Spanish Society of Emergency and Emergency Medicine (Semes) expressed its satisfaction with the approval of the Council of Ministers, on Tuesday, of the royal decree regulating the training of specialties in health sciences, and announced that it would immediately request emergency and emergency medicine.

While waiting to know all the details, Semes President, Dr. Tato Vazquez Lima, stated on behalf of the approximately 25,000 professionals dedicated to emergencies and emergencies that they are “very excited about this approval as we know that having our specialty will soon be a reality.”

After several months of delay, the Government of Spain gave the green light today to the Royal Decree regulating the incidental training of specializations in the health sciences, the procedures and criteria for proposing a new title for a health sciences specialist or a diploma of a specific training area and the review of the specific areas of training, access and training. The rules applicable to annual examinations for access to training places in health sciences disciplines have also been established.

Emergency medicine and emergency medicine specialization can be a reality

For this reason, Semes will begin, immediately, to request the specialty of emergency medicine and emergency, because it is something that emergency doctors have been demanding for a long time and that was completely paralyzed waiting for approval of this real decree as indicated by the Scientific Society.

Currently, “emergency physicians take care of all types of diseases with maximum availability—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—they cushion the safety of the health system. In addition, they have residents of different specialties in their services without their specialty being recognized and finding themselves in the “absolute saturation” mode.

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From Simes they demand “the obligation and responsibility of the state for all political parties to save the Spanish health system and this passes through the approval of the specialty of emergency and emergency medicine”.

The struggle for real equality at work

With this, Dr. Vasquez Lima insisted that “the unsustainable anomaly will be put to an end and our professionals will finally be able to catch up, not only with our European and international partners, but also with our colleagues in the military field.” He also noted that the Spanish Armed Forces have had this specialty since 2016.

In the same way, they pointed out that the emergency and emergency services, which are open 24 hours a day, are the main entrance to the health system in Spain for the majority of patients and that the approval of the specialty of emergency and emergency medicine means ensuring the best training, in a uniform manner for the whole Spanish territory, so that “the doctors of Emergency Dealing with distinction in the care of patients, whatever their diseases and place of residence.