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They invite you to visit the Zigzag Interactive Center for Science and Technology

They invite you to visit the Zigzag Interactive Center for Science and Technology

In these summer holidays, the Zacatecas State Government invites residents and tourists to visit the Zigzag Interactive Science and Technology Center, whose facilities and 10 permanent maintenance exhibitions receive, in order to provide assistance with high-quality service and with updated information.

This was reported by the Zacatecan Center for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), through the Director of Zigzag, Atenea Morales Samaniego, who stated that during the holiday period, working hours for the general public are from 10:00 am to 5 am. : 00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, to be able to enjoy guided tours of different areas.

He emphasized that Governor David Monreal Avila made a special effort to ensure that the zigzag provided good care; For this reason, on July 25, the Big Bang Chamber, referring to the publication of astronomy, will come close to being the target of the most important comprehensive renovation intervention, in which 6.2 million pesos will be invested and will reopen its doors in January 2023 .

He added that to improve the image of the interactive center, poles/loads, air/water chambers and robots were painted, and in the latter all the lights were also replaced. In the same way, the outdoor furniture is being maintained, including the Zip Line, which will soon be revitalized to the public.

The maintenance team has insulated about 700 square meters of roofing at the Cozcyt and Zigzag facilities. In the latter, works included curation of the exhibits comprising the science lab, lightrooms, and columns/loads; immediate feedback; pin bon big bang; Maker Space and robotics.

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In this context of service to the public during the holiday period, Atenea Morales said that the new governance has begun to promote Zigzag as a tourist attraction, where brochures are distributed in metropolitan area hotels with activities offered by Cozcyt to visit families and bring them closer to science, technology and innovation (CTI) in a fun way .

Finally, the director announced that due to more in-depth maintenance, after the holiday season, Zigzag will be temporarily closed from August 30 to September 11, which is why she encouraged families to take advantage of this time and attend the Interactive Science Center and Zacatecas Technology.