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Elon Musk backs away from the idea of ​​fighting Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk backs away from the idea of ​​fighting Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk also He said Sunday that he may need surgery ahead of the proposed cage match against him Mark Zuckerberg.

owner of twitter, Elon MuskHowever, he seems to recoil from the idea of ​​a cage fight against him Mark Zuckerberg And now he’s proposing a “noble debate” against the CEO of Meta.

The idea came from a comment from Chris Anderson, the British-American entrepreneur who runs TED, a non-profit organization that provides thought-provoking talks.

“Here’s a better idea: a cage debate match on ‘how to build a great future’,” Anderson tweeted on Tuesday.

Musk seemed to agree with the proposal, tweeting that the discussion seemed “a good idea too.”

He replied, “This is really fighting (I think) a noble sport.” “We also humbly hope to pay tribute to those who have fought for noble causes before.”

Anderson’s alternative is similar to what Musk’s mother suggested earlier. May Musk tweeted in June that her son and Zuckerberg should “fight with words only.”instead of hitting each other.

“Just a verbal fight. Three questions each. The funniest answer wins. Who agrees?” he said in June.

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He leaves the idea of ​​fighting

This past Sunday, Mask also seemed to hint that this match was not going to happen anymore.

On Sunday, the billionaire said his fight with Zuckerberg, If that happens, it will be broadcast live on its X platform (formerly Twitter). But on the same dayMusk said he needed to get his neck and upper back checked before making an appointment.

“He may require surgery before the fight can begin. We’ll find out this week,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

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Mark Zuckerberg He has become an expert in martial arts, especially Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Musk was also realistic about his chances of winning the fight.

“If the fight is short, I might win. If it’s long, he can win with stamina,” says the eccentric millionaire.

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