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The impressive underground transportation system created by Elon Musk for the exclusive use of Tesla cars in Las Vegas

The impressive underground transportation system created by Elon Musk for the exclusive use of Tesla cars in Las Vegas

Elon Musk creates an exclusive transportation system for Tesla vehicles, setting a new trend in mobility (Video: Michael Yaxzin – @lordyaxzin)

Elon Musk, known for constantly challenging the boundaries of technology and innovation, has been a central figure in delivering projects that seek to transform industries and revolutionize traditional ways of interacting with the environment. In the past few hours, the businessman's name has once again returned to the lips of the world after the transportation system he created for vehicles became widespread. Tesla Model 3 in a city Las vigas.

An Instagram user shared his travel experience through it LVCC ring With his Tesla car and leaving all his followers in shock. The video quickly became relevant because of the amazing way this driver was able to make different trips across the famous city in the state Snowfallwhich saves a lot of time that traditional methods take twice as long due to their traffic flow.

musk She always manages to surprise with her innovations, starting with reusable rockets SpaceXpassing through the electric car revolution Tesla,to explore neurotechnology with NeuralinkHe has demonstrated tireless research into the technological future.

In this sequence of innovations, LVCC ring It emerges as another ambitious initiative that promises to change the way we think about urban transport, significantly reducing travel times in congested cities such as Las vigas.

he LVCC ring Working since 2021 in las vegas and It has revolutionized the search for innovative solutions to urban mobility challenges. This project is led by Boring companyOne of the companies under the umbrella of the initiatives muskIt features an underground tunnel system designed to relieve surface traffic.

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Through this system, Las vigas He showed the world how futuristic transportation vision is musk It can become a tangible and functional reality, offering not only a traffic solution but also becoming a tourist attraction in its own right.

Originally, Elon Musk Visualize tunnels LVCC ring As high-speed arteries that would allow vehicles to move at speeds in excess of 240 km/h. However, modifications were necessary to meet practical and technical realities until a system was achieved that, although it did not reach the speeds initially proposed, could make a difference in navigation within the world. Las Vegas Convention Center.

Despite the modifications, the project has been able to overcome significant challenges, from concept to current operation, and has already demonstrated the innovation and adaptability of the companies it leads. musk.

he LVCC ring It is easy to use and represents an innovative model of urban transportation. Users simply have to approach one of the stations where the vehicles are Tesla They are ready to take you through the tunnel system to your desired destination.

The Underground Route of the Las Vegas Loop – Credit: www.boringcompany.com

This solution not only improves transit times, but also provides a unique experience for residents and visitors Las vigasoffering a preview of what the future of transportation could look like in cities around the world.

Musk and The Boring Company's project already has a total of 109 kilometers of tunnels and 93 stations, and they also confirm that once all the work is completed, the ring will carry more than 90 thousand passengers per hour, connecting casinos along the way. Stripshe Harry Reid International Airporthe Loyalty Stadiumcenter Las vigas And finally to Angels.

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As indicated on the official website, there is 4 ways With rates fluctuating Between 5 and 12 dollars:

  • Harry Reid International Airport to Las Vegas Convention Center: With a distance of 8 km, it can be done in 5 minutes and costs $10.
  • Elegant Stadium to Las Vegas Convention Center: with A distance of 5 kilometers can be covered in 4 minutes at a cost of $6.
  • From downtown to the Las Vegas Convention Center: With a distance of 4.5 km, it can be done in 3 minutes at a cost of $5.
  • Harry Reid International Airport to downtown: A distance of 12 kilometers can be completed in 8 minutes and costs $12.

Despite the initial success, the project was not without challenges. The management of vehicle flow, as well as the need to constantly improve the user experience, are crucial aspects of it Boring company Continuing to work.

Looking to the future, there are challenges such as increasing vehicle speed and expanding the city network LVCC ring Are priorities to align the project more closely with the future vision of musk.