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El Salvador is the champion of the Beach Soccer Cup

El Salvador is the champion of the Beach Soccer Cup

The El Salvador men’s team successfully her role in Beach soccer 2022She was crowned champion, won all three of her matches and played very well.

In their last match, they beat the Mexicans 3-2.

The Salvadorans entered the match with great force, showing their desire to win the match from the start.

Nevertheless, the Mexicans managed to advance the score with a long-range goal of Jose David VizcarraTwo minutes into the match. The ball swerved with sand and Elodoro Portillo was unable to save the ball.

The national goalkeeper responded two minutes later with a long shot that hit the crossbar and within seconds Elmer Robles sent another shot that Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Echeverria saved. Cesar Rivera tried to kick a bike soon after and was unsuccessful either.

The Salvadorans played everything in attack, fought every ball, immediately went to the other goal, and exercised great control over the Aztecs. The bad thing is that the target did not appear, no matter how much control part of Cuscatlecos was.

but from the foot Exxon Perdomo, with just over three minutes left before the end of this period, the first locals came out. The five citizens scored a tie through a penalty kick.

The first half ended with the Salvadorans trying to score the second, but to no avail.

Things are starting to get tough for Salvadorans, as visitors take the lead

In the early minutes of this period, Cristofher Castillo took the opportunity to score with a header after stealing Fausto Alemán. The duration was 1-2, and the Mexicans dreamed of the cup.

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The national team tried to bridge the gap, although it is now facing more difficulty than it was in the previous period.

Oscar Cruz, at the finish line, saved a dangerous shot from the Mexicans with his head, after the exit from Elodoro Portillo.

The team led by Rhodes Gallo tried in several ways to break the Aztec defense, unsuccessful in their attempts.

“El Tri” was impenetrable, offered nothing to the locals, it was a dark panorama of Salvadorans.

The advantage was not wide, they were only one goal behind, and yet they felt it was impossible to put the ball into the opposite goal. The lack of goal was also known to blue players.

The second period has ended and nothing is clear. The 2022 Beach Soccer Cup champion had to be decided here, in the last 12 minutes.

The third period started slowly, and the physical wear of three straight games was noticeable. The El Salvador team started quietly, and made clever moves.

Heber Ramos tried to surprise Echeverría with a long shot, which deflected the ball with his fingertips.

It was new player Cesar Rivera who scored the equalizer after four minutes of that period. He stole the ball first in the midfield and without hesitation, hit the goal that Echeverria defended. Great goal six out of the blue.

The stadium was lively and they demanded the third goal to win. Even the German delegation who was in the stands watching the match shouted for joy.

The Mexican team responded and began to attack urgently. Eliodoro Portillo was eager to stop the shots, and the rest of the citizens took advantage of the spaces to try to counterattack, though they had little luck.

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Exactly four minutes before the end, the referee asked for a penalty kick in favor of El Salvador. Newcomer Rivera was in charge of its implementation, and as if he had been with the team for years, he set the rating, making the entire stadium shriek with emotion. The score was 3-2 and the title was close to staying at home.