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El Salvador defeats Belize and approaches the final ticket

El Salvador defeats Belize and approaches the final ticket

With solvency, this was the victory of choice U19s from El Salvador vs Belize On the second day of the FIFA Forward UNCAF 2022 tournament, it is close to reaching the final.

Mauricio’s goals CerritusAnd Ronald ArevaloAnd Hamilton Benitez and Isaac Esquivel s Meyer generation blue Jaguars crush 1-5. Eldon Renew Discounted for locals.

El Salvador began to control the ball from the first minute of the match, and easily reached the other half of the field, although they could not cross the last line of the Jaguares.

The first obvious choice came in the 15th minute, when Alexis Velasco received a pass in the area after a mistake by the local defence, sending the ball over the goal defended by Isaac Castillo.

The Salvadoran insistence paid off in the 16th minute, when Mauricio Ceritos scored after entering the area from the right, although Alexis Velasco had previously fouled.

The Marte midfielder took advantage of the fact that the Belize defender was more focused on keeping Velasco and went straight to the ball to open the scoring. The first was out of the blue.

Blaise’s team was not in the game, they couldn’t get to the opposite area, making hasty decisions that were of no use.

In addition, the high pressure of the Salvadorans prevented them from comfortably leaving the half of the field.

Around the 25th minute, Ronald Arevalo scored a real goal. The striker entered the opponent’s area through a series of walls he built with Velasco, then the Blaise defense avoided the pass with a sled, but Rooney made a luxurious back heel and put in the second of the night.

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The Salvadoran side did not stop, and the third arrived after six minutes.

The team led by Gerson Perez was patient in weaving their attacks, and in midfield, on a ball that looked lost, Harold Osorio turned the blunder into a clear attacking opportunity.

The captain, through a small tunnel, made his mark, passing a filtered pass to Isaac Esquivel, who took the ball forward and was fouled by goalkeeper Castillo, but Hamilton Benitez was alert and hit the target. This is Benitez’s second goal in the tournament.

Belize had many problems to get to the opposite court, they didn’t have much ball, and El Salvador was the clear dominant in the first half, coming close to increasing the score.

Belize had few chances, especially at the end of the first half, and Coscatelco goalkeeper Edgar Alguera and the national defense were vigilant to avoid any surprise.

Local fans celebrated any kind of access, though they didn’t finish with a goal.

In the second half, both teams made several changes, the locals tried to bypass the score, and the visitors were already thinking about the next match.

The Belizeans went to the attack, they were more insistent on their arrival, although they could not break through the opponent’s defense.

Citizens suffered a loss. Around the 56th minute, Hamilton Benitez was taken off on a stretcher after a hard blow to his right leg. In his place entered Andres Rivas.

El Salvador had another chance and managed to score the fourth goal that night.

In the 60th minute, Isaac Esquivel, who was already wearing the captain’s tape, received a filtered pass from Meyer Gill, and despite being hindered while running, the 9 managed to reach the ball and score his first goal of the tournament.

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The panorama was not ideal for the locals, whose frustration was noticeable on the square, and who made many mistakes. However, they managed to put the first at their expense.

Around the 67th minute, Captain Eldon Reno scored a superb free kick, an impossible ball for Edgar Alguera. The stadium erupted with excitement. Then a small quarrel occurred between players of both teams to seize the ball, but it remained only an anecdote.

It was the best moment for the Belizeans, however, as the El Salvador team kept arriving, fighting for the ball.

In the 75th minute, Mayer Gill sent a late cross received by Alexis Velasco, but his shot ended in the hands of goalkeeper Castillo.

The visitors played less aggressively than in the first half, but got into the opposite area just as easily.

This caused the players of Belize to become more aggressive in their interventions and Francisco Portillo was hit in the head in the 79th minute.

Salvadorans continued to dominate, and the frustration of the local population was more than palpable, to the detriment of the national players.
Mayer-Gil finished winning with a goal on aggregate.

The following day, El Salvador will fight for leadership of the group against Nicaragua this Thursday at 4:15pm at FFB Stadium.