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Eight UGR majors, in the world's "Top 200" rankings for Shanghai

Eight UGR majors, in the world’s “Top 200” rankings for Shanghai

A semester at the Faculty of Documentation and Communication in Granada. / Alfredo Aguilar

Highlights research in food science and technology, documentation, tourism and computer science

The research conducted at the University of Granada (UGR) stands out in the world. He did so admirably in eight subjects that he was among the top two hundred in the world. In total, 31 specialties are among the top five hundred in the world in the Shanghai ranking of specialties in its 2022 edition. This year there was a “surpaso” (this is not an election, but it was beaten) and scientific work Food science and technology were ranked 30th in the world (in the previous version it was 39). Library and Information Science at 38 (last year it was 36 and in the previous edition it was in first place).

In the 51-75 range is hotel and tourism management; Mathematics, 76-100; Computer Science Engineering, 101-150; Nursing, 101-150; Earth Sciences, 151-200; and Oceanography, 151-200. Eight majors complete the two hundred best papers in the world from the University of Granada.

The classification in the national comparison gives important data. They are on the platform in Spain, the first, investigations of the subjects of library science and information science, as well as computer science. It’s been maintained for years, which is noteworthy. This year, Earth sciences enter first place.

In second place was mathematics (before it was first), behind the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. In the two there are also Nursing (the first is the University of Barcelona) and Food Science and Technology (the first is the University of Valencia). Right in this position too. Like psychology and business administration. Tourism, which stands out in the UGR, is fourth in Spain, after Valencia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Alicante.

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The University of Granada institution appears among the top 500 universities in the world in 31 of the 54 scientific disciplines analyzed. In the 2021 edition it did so in 33. However, the Foundation of the University of Granada establishes itself as a scientific leader in Andalusia. It is in a very prominent position ahead of the universities of Seville (it is second and appears in 23 disciplines among the top 500), Malaga (which placed 11), Córdoba (in 8), Almeria (4), Cadiz (4) and Jaen (3).

The University of Granada stands out in Spain as a whole, along with the Universities of Barcelona, ​​the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid.

In a press release, the University of Granada stated that through its branches of general knowledge, it was able to enter the top 500 in the world in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences. In the case of engineering, it has done so in electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical science and technology, biomedical engineering, computer science, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, food science and technology, biotechnology, and transportation science and technology.

In the life sciences, he did this in biology and agriculture. In the case of public health, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. and in social sciences in economics, statistics, law, education, psychology, business administration, management, tourism, library science and documentation.

Groups from various centers are on this list. Faculties like Science stand out in a distinct way. However, smaller centers such as the College of Communication and Documentation also have a lot of visibility. Remarkably, the relevant districts have free places for first-year students and no waiting list.

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Vice-Chancellor for Research and Transfer at the University of Granada, Enrique Herrera, noted that “these results confirm the good research work done by research groups in all areas of knowledge, from the natural and life sciences to engineering and medical sciences to the social sciences ».

In communication, proud

For his part, the Dean of the School of Communication and Documentation at UGR, Benjamin Vargas, was proud to be the first and only Spanish woman in this discipline in the ‘Top 100’ in the Shanghai ranking and third in Europe. “We are ranked 38th worldwide, but practically all universities that have applied have only postgraduate studies, that is, they have a large amount of resources devoted to research,” Vargas explained.

This position is not new. From the beginning we were in the top 100, and this is thanks to the fact that in the college we have very strong researchers and research groups like EC3 Metrics, SciMago, Secaba… who have known how to sow the seeds of research among their members and who are now reaping the fruits of it. Moreover, agriculture continues and the future is very promising. He added, “We include professors of high standards and scientific abilities.” “Our goal is to form a Unit of Excellence, which will lead us to establish an international research center for scientific analysis and evaluation. Over time, this will lead us to be among the top 10 in the Shanghai ranking, competing with the best graduate studies in our region,” he emphasized.

Harvard Leadership and Objective Standards

This ranking by discipline is an introduction to the global ranking published in August. US universities combine their top spots in 32 subjects. Harvard leads the institution with the best performance, earning 16 crowns, with 7 from social sciences, 4 from medical sciences, 3 from engineering, and 2 from life sciences, according to the organization in a press release.

The rankings use a variety of objective academic indicators and third-party data to measure the world’s universities’ performance on relevant topics, including international academic awards, highest academic achievement, research quality and international collaboration.