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Ecuadorean Juan Cazares, Metalist Kharkov player: We are not in Ukraine!  Ecuadoreans abroad |  Sports

Ecuadorean Juan Cazares, Metalist Kharkov player: We are not in Ukraine! Ecuadoreans abroad | Sports

Juan Cazares is not in Kharkov, one of the Ukrainian cities that has been under military attack since early Thursday morning by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The iconic tricolor midfielder arrived in the eastern European country a month ago to promote second tier Metalist Kharkiv.

Several hours after the first attacks, Cazares published his stories about Instagram: “Family and friends… Good morning. With this message I come to say that I am fine, me and my teammates are in Turkey, we were in pre-season in Antalya and today we are going back to Kharkiv (Yarkov), Ukraine, to play in the Ukraine Cup”, It begins with the statement of the Metalist crew statement.

With all that’s going on, the flights have been cancelled. We are not in Ukraine! We are awaiting a statement from the Metalist Club and also from the embassies. We pray for those in the country (Ukraine), believing that everything will turn out fine.”

Following his departure from Fluminense in Brazil, the 29-year-old Esmeralda midfielder and national team player has signed his contract with Metalist Yarkov until the end of 2022.

Juan Carlos Holguín, Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the measures the government has taken in favor of the citizens living in Ukraine – whom they have defended – after meeting with relatives of Ecuadoreans who live in that nation.

He added that there are about 1,500 Ecuadoreans at risk of this conflict, including 702 in Ukraine and about 700 in the conflict zone in Russia, and an emergency room has been established.

Holguin stated that the majority of Ecuadoreans are students. They are between 17 and 25 years old. Pursue careers such as medicine, journalism and engineering.

According to the official, the emergency plan included the registration of citizens of Ukraine by the concurrent embassy in Austria. In addition, there will be a team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs moving from Ecuador to Warsaw.

He noted that with this record, it was discovered who had a valid passport or Schengen visa. He said that more than 40 passports have been issued, there will be emergency visas and through the European Union, it is hoped that citizens who do not have this document will be received. He stated that about 40 people have left the country in recent days. (Dr)

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