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Economic Sciences Adds Options to Its Academic Offering in 2023 |  ecos365.com.ar

Economic Sciences Adds Options to Its Academic Offering in 2023 | ecos365.com.ar

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Statistics of the National University of Rosario will renew its catalog of academic options in 2023. New alternatives come to increase the list of jobs, graduate students, and postgraduate studies you already offer.

One of the novelties Dictation of the “Diploma in Capital Markets”. The release of this method will begin in April 2023 and is aimed at those people who are already working in the financial markets and are seeking a studies approach. Although it can also be useful for those who want to learn to invest in the markets to make a decision.

On the other hand, UN College has taken over Approval of remote dictation for “Specialization in Finance and Master’s Degree in Finance” By the National Commission for University Accreditation and Evaluation (CONEAU). In this way, those interested will be able to choose from next year the distance or face-to-face method to study each of the postgraduate courses in Finance, in its 23rd edition.

The specialization in Finance aims to train professionals with solid financial knowledge to be applied in public or private organizations, based on integrating or enhancing the use of tools related to other areas of organizations. It also seeks to train, motivate and mobilize human resources that can attend to support the public or private sectors, to achieve the development of its financial resources, with a strong knowledge of the institutions, regulations and tools in force in the national system, which are very similar to those found abroad.

For its part, the Master’s Degree in Finance consists of integrating and developing knowledge related to the financial field that allows its application by professionals who work or aspire to work in this main field of organizations, either externally or internally.

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Academic presentation

The United Nations College of Economic Sciences and Statistics currently defines positions as Accountant General; Certificate in management. Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Bachelor’s degree in Tourism with orientation in Tourism Management. It also offers Graduate Certificates in Marketing; economics and management of organizations; bank management; foreign trade department; Management of cooperatives and exchanges. operations and logistics management; Human Resource Management; Insurance management, mathematics and statistics.

It also offers postgraduate majors in management and public accounting. costs and business management; Tourism companies and institutions. Actuarial Statistics. finance; Management of agricultural companies. Human Resource Management; strategic management of information technology; marketing; foreign trade operations; bankruptcy filing; in taxation and management of agricultural companies.

Also a master’s degree in Business Administration. accounting and auditing; Regional Development Department; Applied Statistics; and financing. The doctorate is in management. Accounting; Economie; statistics; and financing.

For more information enter College website Or on social networks, or on @economicasunr on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.