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Mayan Journey |  Yucatan |  Abraham Butt

Mayan Journey | Yucatan | Abraham Butt

Students and teachers note an increase in mobility problems on the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) social sciences campus, ahead of the accreditation of the School of Accounting and Management (FCA) in January 2023.

“With the arrival of the Faculty of Accounting and Management at the UADY Campus of Social Sciences (CCS), the movement of people and vehicles will increase significantly at the Mérida-Motul motorway roundabout (in the terminal loop),” said Javier Becerril García, Coordinator of the Academic Body for Economic Development and Sustainability at the Faculty of Economics.

Student complaints

Last September, students from UADY’s social, economic, administrative and humanities campus showed up to demand a better transportation system and safe commute.

They asked for more and better units and ways to reach the educational center; In addition, they requested Build a sidewalk to move around come and go (Located on the periphery) of the aforementioned campusThey said they had to walk on the side of the busy Merida-Motul highway, which put their safety at risk.

In response to this request, the then president of the House of Studies, José de Jesús Williams, pointed out that the issue was not the responsibility of the university, but emphasized that there were enough units: “It is not that there are fewer units… There are units, it would be appropriate for them to speak Also with those in charge of the transportation system,” he said at the time.

“Instead of supporting his students, the Principal of UADY has taken the audacity of his privilege to ensure that there is adequate transportation for students of the Social Sciences Campus located north of the city, despite the demands of the students.” responded in a statement at the time.

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Conversion from FCA to CCS

Through his Twitter account, on December 13, Becerril García explained that there are “several thousand” students, staff and teachers who make up the Social Sciences Campus made up of the Faculties of Anthropology, Education, Psychology, Economics and Law, and now the educational community of the Faculties of Accounting and Management has been added which was incorporated in January 2023.

The students indicated that the relocation of this college would be the “opening of the new rectory on January 1st” and that is why the swearing-in will be in the new CSS hall, which will be delivered in the same month of December.

They’ve already created the corridor that connects the library to law and education and archive staff have commented that they plan to take FCA copies and update the library’s digital catalog, they said.

As estimated by the student community, the college has 145 teachers, 49 administrative and manual staff members, 2,990 undergraduate students, and 78 graduate students.

“With this number of people, the already significant mobility problems plaguing the campus will increase. It is reported that FCA has classes until ten at night, so the lack of public transportation will be even more noticeable.”

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Editing: Laura Espejo