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Mayan Journey |  Yucatan |  Abraham Butt

Mayan Journey | Yucatan | Abraham Butt

After demands from students, the government of Yucatán ordered the construction of a sidewalk for the Vay Ven transportation system, on the periphery, at the entrance to the Campus of Social, Economic, Administrative and Human Sciences of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY).

during the Opening of the new building of the College of Accounting and Management (FCA)Governor Mauricio Villa dosal announced that the works had already received an advance of 60 percent; He pointed out that new units will arrive at the school by electronic payment.

In September, students from the School of Social, Economic and Administrative Sciences and Humanities demonstrated this week to demand a better transport system and safer commuting.

They have demanded more and better units, as well as ways to get to the educational center and a sidewalk they can use from where Va y Ven is located, in Periférico to the campus, where they have to walk on the Mérida-Motul side of the motorway, endangering their safety, according to their saying.

Vila Dosal indicated on Monday that, in response to the request of the student, they ordered the construction of the aforementioned pier, of which 60 percent of the work is already completed and the work will be ready by mid-January.

In addition, as part of the new public transportation system they are creating, he said that 350 units will be shifted, of which 28 will arrive on campus, between April and May of the following year; This means new units, with electronic propulsion, air conditioning, multimedia to be able to load bikes, and universal accessibility.

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When questioned by Jose de Jesús Williams, President of UADY, about whether they would take further steps to provide more roads and units to the teaching campus, and whether they had any strategy to solve the mobility and road problems that might cause the arrival of new faculty students, he was confined Although it is “a normal thing”, these problems come with the arrival of new schools.

“It’s something that hasn’t started now, before there was no overtaking and it was a big risk… The negotiations we were doing with the last state administration, with Rolando Zapata, when the other faculties arrived there was also talk of a transfer problem, something normal and normal.”

However, he did not indicate whether the university is taking the necessary measures to ensure the right to safe and sustainable movement for students, who have expressed for years the difficulties of moving to this area of ​​the city.

“The governor presented us with a project that is under completion and aims to serve the community,” he added.

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Editing: Laura Espejo