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Luis Abinader encabeza graduación de 29 cadetes especializados en ciencias aeronáuticas

Louis Abinader leads the graduation of 29 students majoring in aeronautical sciences

Santo Domingo, d.

With Christmas songs and joy to the beat of the trumpet, the graduation of a total of 29 students with aeronautical science degrees culminated Monday in a ceremony of protocol led by President Luis Abenader at San Isidro Air Force Base.

Promotion XXXl of Cadets Major General Pilot Juan Folch Pérez 2019-2022 of Brigadier General Frank Andrés Félix Miranda Air Force Pilot Aviation Academy invested three females and 26 men, including three foreign students from El Salvador, Honduras and Panama.

Dressed in white and with evident pride, the students embraced their relatives who were anxiously waiting for them at their seats so as not to break protocol.

All graduates had military training at that time in the armed forces of the United States, Colombia and Martinique as part of their preparation and training.

The keynote address was delivered by Pilot Colonel Rafael Emilio Ferreras Sanchez, Director of the General Aviation Academy, Major General Frank A. Feliz Miranda.

In his speech, Ferreras Sánchez urged the new soldiers to “set an example to imitate, to surpass themselves, and to challenge themselves every day to be better.”

Upon his arrival, the first head of state was awarded the corresponding military honors.

The reading of the Order of the Day was in charge of the apprentice Juan Carlos Mercado Arias.

The religious protest was in charge of Archbishop Francisco Osoria Acosta, Archbishop of Santo Domingo.

Academic glories

They have received honors in academic awards: Edgar Moises Alvaeiro Enriquez graduated with honors. Yolanda Santana García, Distinguished Alumnus; Luis Jesús Duran Guzman, good conduct and concept of duty and finally Elías Vladimir Ventura García, military spirit.

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other guests

The Commander in Chief of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic, Major General Carlos R. Fibrillette Rodriguez. the then Director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto; the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant Carlos Luciano Diaz Morva; Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Franklin Garcia Firmin, among others.