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From "Donut Economics" to Ethical Banking, the Novelty of the Faculty of Economic Sciences - Commerce and Justice

From “Donut Economics” to Ethical Banking, the Novelty of the Faculty of Economic Sciences – Commerce and Justice

It was launched in 2023 Diploma in New Economies, focusing on Latin America. People who have completed high school can take it. It will be dictated by international references

the “Donut Economy” It identifies seven critical areas where traditional economics leads us astray, and lays out a roadmap that leads us to a sweet spot where the needs of everyone on the planet can be met. This is one of the tight combinations that are being traded to define one of the new economies that are paying professionals and more and more entrepreneurs.

The others on the list are System B, Economics for the Common Good, Social and Popular Economics, Local Economics, Ancestral Knowledge and the Good Life, Regressive Growth Theory, and Ethical Banking.

These and others constitute an innovative proposal that will be implemented in 2023, with certification from Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Córdoba (FCE-UNC).

exposed to Trade and justice Co-Director of the New University Diploma in New Economics -who just opened the engravings-, Viktor Moshkovsky.

Those interested do not need training or prior knowledge to participate, but do need to have completed high school, explained Mochkofsky, co-founder of the Platform for Introduction to New Economies (PINE), Espacio Abasto and Urilla Futuro.

It will be delivered approximately from March 7 to July 4, 2023.

Among her background is a series of courses on the topic in 2022, which has captured the interest of about 120 people from 10 Latin American countries such as Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia.

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Its main objective is that more and more people from Latin America, with or without knowledge in economics, come into contact with the movements, academic concepts and references of new economies, To be inspired by, reflect and enhance her own critical view of the matter through practice in our domestic lands,” said Mochkofsky.

She has a diploma UNC certification and endorsement United Nations Environment.

It promises a space for individual and collective reflection on the reality of Latin America and the challenges facing society and the environment. “We seek to explore and popularize new ways of living and to promote economic systems that respect life in all its forms and align with dignified living,” added Melissa Diaz-Acuña, co-director of the Diploma.

At the meetings, models such as the Circular Economy, by Gisele Della Mia, will be deepened. Ethical Banking, by Joan Miele; The Global Context, by Flavia Provone; Regenerative Economy, by Ronald Cestek, and others such as System B, Economics of the Common Good, Social Economy and solidarity, degrowth, feminist economics, knowing the ancestors and living well, local economies and more related topics, “explain the organizers.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet a new network of professionals and people galvanized by these issues, break out of the comforting discomfort and have meaningful conversations that invite us to learn from the collective intelligence,” Mochkofsky stressed.

The new economies of Latin America are boiling topics, and more and more people are interested in them. They describe it as a “Prosperity” in entrepreneurship and business.

“In Córdoba, more and more enterprises are born with research to create a positive impact, triple impact and social and environmental solutions, more and more companies want to certify as B companies or have a more advanced sustainability policy, and at the same time for a long time we are in such problematic situations, of crises complex that we can say we left behind,” one promoter pictured as a diagnosis.

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Based on the direction and the fact that the topic was already on the agenda, they saw an opportunity to create an educational product that incorporated different viewpoints.


• Starts on March 7th and runs until July 4th, 2023.

• Early registration until December 30th.

• Deadline for registration: February 28, 2023

Reports and registration: www.nuevaseconomias.org

Inquiries: [email protected]