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Aumentar la cotización médica para desbloquear la prejubilación a los 60

Early retirement in medicine: increasing the contribution

Gabriel del Pozo, Thomas Turanzo and Enrique Fernandez.

Social agents do not allow their demands on early retirement From health professionals, some of them like State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), They recently updated their proposals to make regulations more flexible due to the activity. The keys, again, are found in the reduction coefficients and the contribution of professionals to the maintenance of the full pension.

Sources from the CESM itself highlight the difficulties many medical professionals face in reaching maximum pension, among which are ‘delays’ in getting into the world of work (in the best cases, age 26) and the sequencing of temporary contract.

“What we ask is a Flexible Retirement Due to Activitywhich would go like any employee,” they argue for medical writing from the Medical Association.

The “key” to open this path is found in Article 206 of General Social Security Lawwhich states that the minimum age for access to a retirement pension “can be reduced by royal decree in those groups or professional activities whose functions are strenuous, toxic, dangerous or exceptionally unhealthy nature“.

Review the discount coefficients for doctors

Advocating for CESM and other unions from danger associated with health work due to close contact with patients and Biological and chemical factors. In addition, the current Medical Consortium highlights 24 hour security systemwhich does not count as actual working time for retirement.

The application of the corresponding age reduction coefficients does not allow doctors to receive a retirement pension with Under 52 years old. However, as detailed by CESM, “If the profession is established as ‘dangerous’there would be no other choice but to leave open the option of voluntary retirement, which means, with the law in hand, Additional quote“.

“To maintain 100 percent of the pension, you need 38 years includedbut that is why our proposal is due to activity like the other groups,” they conclude.

Although it may contain statements, statements, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional for any health-related questions.

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