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TIME OF WEEKLY Bergamino Michaela Alanez heads the Student Center at the United Nations School of Medical Sciences

TIME OF WEEKLY Bergamino Michaela Alanez heads the Student Center at the United Nations School of Medical Sciences

& nbsp Saturday 16 April 2022

student at rosario

He achieved the collective consensus of his fellow ALDE group to lead student representation at Rosario High School.

Young Pergaminense Micaela Alaniz heads the Student Center in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Rosario National University.

A student from our city is at the top of the list of the group Struggle for Student Rights (ALDE), which has been representing the interests of medical students since 2009 without interruption.

Mika graduated from regular school and in 2017 started her university studies.

At home, they always noted Mika’s commitment to a fairer world and weren’t surprised that she got involved in politics at university.

His mother, Mercedes Monino, is a retired teacher and his father is a retired municipal engineer. Sister Marianela Alanez is already a doctor and works in Buenos Aires.

For parents, it is not new that Michaela has been involved in representing her peers as she has always been inclined to commit to others and give a helping hand to those who need it.

The elder brother Mauro Alanez also headed during his student days the veterinary center at the United Nations College in Casilda.

In Pergamino, the student was a teenager when she became involved in neighborhood activities helping people through various social interventions.

In 2019, he participated in two trips to implement neighborhood aid in different cities inside. On that occasion, I shared with comrades and comrades from the ALDE group.

Alaniz headed the list that consolidated leadership of ALDE’s political proposal, which was framed in mostly leftist ideology. Michaela achieved Student Leadership Working Group consensus to lead the list due to her extensive outreach to a large number of career students at the Graduate School of Santa Fe and France Street. She confirmed that they nominated her as a result of a “collective decision”.

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The message in the campaign to the students was to “show ourselves as a group that is independent of the administration’s political guidelines and has similar positions in different faculties that allow infractions that do not benefit the academic level or educational quality of the students. The present needs are more appointments of teachers, building of classrooms and installation and improvement of latrines; more than appointments of personnel whose functions have nothing to do with academics; but with relevant political relations.”

During this year, one of the main issues that student representatives will advocate will be standardization of teaching standards for assessing exams.

“Historically, our group has always fought to open up the university to the whole community and every year our constant demand for the rector’s office aims to allocate budget items that benefit more students in the higher education system. The situation leads us to struggle to end two semesters that have been interrupted during the pandemic and to integrate more of teaching positions to cover a larger time range of courses, especially for those who work.