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Is it okay to exercise when you have stiffness or is it better to wait?

Is it okay to exercise when you have stiffness or is it better to wait?

Implementation of physical exercise It regularly provides multiple health benefits: those who exercise, have positive personality and rate less than depression; helps to Weight control; Fighting sickness and disease; Increases the energy and promotion better sleep. In addition, it represents the figure and promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, when we begin to do this, some physical discomfort may appear, which is known rigidity. By doing a lot of exercise or doing movements that your body is not used to, in the following days you will notice muscle discomfort. It is popularly said that shoelaces They disappear with more exercise, but is this statement true?

What are the holes?

It is small small breaks It is produced in the muscles when we do activities we are not used to. They usually appear when you start an exercise routine or after a period of inactivity. It can also appear when doing exercises that our body is not used to.

Is it good to exercise with stiffness?

The the pain The ones that can cause pain are usually mild and go away within a few days. Anyway, the days when we suffer from this kind of inconvenience We must not stop the activity This will not improve our annoyances. Therefore, when asked if it is OK to exercise with soreness, the answer is yes. Throwing ourselves in the pertola until the discomfort subsides is not a recommended option.

The idea is to continue to exercise the body but moderate method. In this way, our muscles will gradually get used to a particular exercise and the discomfort will disappear. At that time we can return to exercise at the same intensity as the first day or more. if it was shoelaces If it is very severe, then for a day or two it is better to do specific exercises only in the painful area.

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Treatments against stiffness

The most famous remedy that grandmothers probably tell us is the usual a cup of sugar water Something that doesn’t seem to have a direct effect on muscle recovery. However, there are some tricks that we can apply to avoid the shoelaces from appearing or to mitigate the inconvenience they cause when they are already visible.

The stretch They are your best ally. Tightening your muscles well before and after exercise will ease movement and prevent pain the next day. Diet can also help relieve pain. It is recommended to eat foods rich in magnesium, a substance that increases the speed of muscle recovery. Take a bath or a hot shower After exercising and massaging the affected area can also relieve these discomforts and relax the affected area.

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