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Domingo sent Germán off after checking him for gunk

Domingo sent Germán off after checking him for gunk

TORONTO — Domingo German was ejected from Tuesday’s game against the Blue Jays in the bottom of the fourth inning after umpires determined his right hand for the Yankees had an illegal substance in his hand.

Germain had put together three perfect runs and was returning to the mound to start the fourth inning when he was intercepted by first base umpire D.J. Reborn, who had lost his right hand and appeared to find goop.

After the four judges met briefly, Germain was kicked out. On the TV rebroadcast, she also gave the impression of dark matter in Germain’s trousers, near each right.

The Germans are expected to face a 10-game suspension, so the Yankees will be without one of their best pitchers this month; The Dominicans entered Tuesday with a 1.89 ERA in three starts in May, after posting a 5.54 ERA in five starts in April.

This is Germain’s first foray into the ‘sticky’ rules this season. On April 15 against the Twins, Germain was searched by the umpires, who determined the Dominican had too much of the field on his hand. He was told to wash his hands to remove excess resin and was allowed to continue with the game, a decision that Minnesota manager Rocco Baldelli argued about and was later ejected.