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A New York Yankees judge accused Aaron of cheating against Toronto

Just the thought that another team might be cheating raises fans’ spirits Major League Baseballhe. With the recent past of the Houston Astros stealing tag during the 2017 championship season, many people About the game they warn of any strange situation.

During the first of a four-game series between The Yankees and Blue Jays have raised various theories about hitter Aaron Judge’s performance.

The MLS Player of the Year rounded out the afternoon at the Roger Center with Two homing pigeonsbut when the second arrived, A wave of hypotheses rose up on the judge.

Before hitting the second board in the night, Television cameras managed to capture a few seconds as the judge was seen turning to look at his seat.

“Well, Buck, you’ve totally looked at each other We’ve seen these three versions beforesaid play-by-play announcer Dan Shulman as he showed a slow-motion video of the judge looking away.

“Look what he’s looking at,” said color commentator Buck Martinez.

“you don `t want Unintentionally throwing accusations, howeverShulman added.

The judge, who had already hit a home run in the first inning, He jumped a brutal four-corner stick that happened after Yankees coach Aaron Boone He was dismissed for arguing balls and strikes while his captain was in the batter’s box.

At the end of the engagement where The Yankees beat the Blue Jays 7-4The judge was asked about “fraud accusations” He explained the reason for looking towards the bunker.

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“Yeah, it was a little noisy in our dugout, which I really didn’t like about the situation where it was a 6-0 game and I know Bonnie was sent off,” Judge said. “I was trying to save Bonnie by calling timeout, like, ‘Hey, wait here, let me work here. So, I was trying to figure out who was yelling on the bench. If it’s 6-0, Bonnie’s fired, let’s get to work now.”.

The judge was questioned about the behavior of some of his colleagues and whether they were mocking him.

“You know I love it when Boone stands up for me and he always does,” Judge said. “But I feel like after the manager does his thing, it’s like, you guys, the pitcher still has to get out there and throw a few pitches. We have an advantage, we’ll work here.’ I said some things to some of the players on the bench and especially after the game. I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

Judge has 10 homers this season and He totals 30 career games with multiple home runs.

The judge is not the only one

So far this season, Aaron Judge hasn’t been the only player surrounded by cheating speculation.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ stunning start prompted accusations from WFAN’s Craig Carton and Evan Roberts, who claimed without evidence that the Rays were “Maybe cheating” due to their unusually strong insult this season.

However, we should not forget that thanks for introducingWith PitchCom technology, signals cannot be stolen.