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Discover alternatives to the official Apple MagSafe charger

Discover alternatives to the official Apple MagSafe charger

Magnetic charging in the iPhone gives us many advantages, especially in terms of convenience. Apple reintroduced the MagSafe charging system on the iPhone 12, and with it the official MagSafe charging dock. However, if you are looking for alternatives to the official Apple brand, then in this post we are recommending some models that you will surely love.

For the wireless (and magnetic) dock charging system to work as it should, it doesn’t just have to fit the iPhone’s design. It is also important that it is located in a power range that our phone can support, to avoid damaging the battery. We are therefore going to show you several types of chargers, which are governed by these principles, but with different design philosophies.

True to the original Apple design

The original Apple MagSafe charger has a very simple operating principle: a USB Type-C cable embedded in a magnetic metal base. There is no more. However, no other items are required for this docking station to function properly.

So if you are looking for the same practice, the charging bases that we are going to show you in this category have the same principle, they are compatible with Apple’s fast charging adapter and offer 15W charging power. next to, All of them have MFi certificationso they will perfectly adapt to your iPhone’s wireless charging system.

Various proposals

If your thing is to charge your iPhone with more versatility, in other conditions or in different modes, here we will recommend a series of MagSafe charging bases with which you can use the magnetic charging system, while adding functionality to your iPhone, in other contexts.

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Do you want a wireless charging base for your car? Or are you looking for the MagSafe Kickstand Charging Dock? You’ll love these proposals, and they follow the same operating principles as described above.

Charge more than one device at the same time

In addition to the iPhone, other Apple products also have a magnetic wireless charging system through MagSafe. The Apple Watch and AirPods can also be charged with the same types of accessories.

So, if you want to charge other devices at the same time in addition to the iPhone, these MagSafe replacement chargers for Apple devices are the perfect fit for you. And as always, MFi has been certified and adapted to the powers that different Apple devices are able to support.

If you want mounts for your MagSafe charger

It may also be the case that you already have a MagSafe charger for iPhone, and what you are looking for are accessories for your charger. Yes, it is there, and it is thanks to them that we can use the charger in other ways that are more comfortable for us.

Also, if you have an iPhone that supports wireless charging, but does not support a magnetic system on the back, like the iPhone 8, XR, XS, or 11, we also show you some magnetic rings that stick to your phone, and automatically, you can use magnets to stick the wireless charger to the phone.

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