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How to remove silent ringer icon on iPhone

How to remove silent ringer icon on iPhone

Do you have an iPhone 15 Pro and don’t like seeing the new bell icon in the status bar? This way you can remove it.

New silence ringer on iPhone 15 Pro

the The new iPhone 15 Pro came to change one of the features Which largely defined Apple cell phones, the mute key. This move was intended to integrate a new action button. This action button allows you to perform tasks other than silencing the device. In view of this change, On the screen you now see a bell icon At the top of the screen next to the clock. Is it annoying for you? Do you feel it looks like a certain Android icon? Let’s see how to clean the status bar by removing this icon.

The icon that makes the status bar look bad on the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max

By customizing the action button to call Do Not Disturb, take a photo, or just a shortcut, It causes the same device to want to report whether the device is silent or not. This simple but annoying icon reminds us of how the status bar works on Android. One of its disadvantages is that it shows a large number of icons to indicate that we have one or more notifications.

Status bar on Android

Status bar on Android

On iOS it wasn’t like this before, Instead, Apple decided to improve the notch with a Dynamic Island. The only status indicators that Apple displays are the clock, mobile signal strength, WiFi, and battery indicator. If you want to remove the bell icon from your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, here’s how to do it.

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Hide the bell icon from silent mode

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Sounds and Vibrations
  3. Turn off the display switch in the status bar in silent mode

In three easy steps, you can remove that annoying buzzer located in the top left corner of your iPhone. Now let’s move on to another question that may interest you after removing the bell icon. How will you know if your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max is silent?

start button

The Action button lets you customize all kinds of functions in iOS 17

There are two easy ways to know if your iPhone is on silent mode or not. The first and most practical is the Control Center. Locate the bell icon and If it is crossed out in red it means it is activated You will not receive call sounds or notifications.

The hardest thing is to go into the Settings application itself in Sounds and check the silent mode switch. What do you think of this little guide? You can now share this tip with friends or family who have the new iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max.

Given the potential everyday use, as was the case at the time with the dynamic island, Maybe we’ll see this action button arrive on the next iPhone 16. Those from Cupertino are trying to be predictable by showing the upcoming developments in their professional devices and including them in the next generation of regular iPhones.