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NASA records the strongest solar flare in nearly two decades

NASA records the strongest solar flare in nearly two decades

Florida, United States.

a strong solar flare, Larger than current turn 11 years, was recorded Tuesday afternoon by the prediction center of climate National Oceanic and Atmospheric Space Agency (Noa).

This is the seventeenth Solar flare The densest of all, considered the X8.7, class Intense as possiblewas recorded in the same area that caused this to happen Geomagnetic storm and And amazing Northern lightsaccording to NASA.

Power Solar storms They can’ pay twilight To more southern latitudes,” according to NASA. at the moment, sun Approaching its maximum activity, a turn Which is repeated every 11 years.

The stunning aurora lights seen in the skies over many parts of the world over the weekend faded on Monday due to the massive solar storm that caused them.And stay away from the groundScientists said Monday.

The stunning northern lights have been captured in most parts of the world.

Since Friday, The strongest solar storm Which destroyed our planet more than two decades ago The night sky lit up With dazzling auroras in the United States, Tasmania, the Bahamas and other places far from the extreme latitudes where they are usually observed.

But Eric Lagadec, an astrophysicist at the French Côte d’Azur Observatory, told AFP that the period “The Most exciting“It’s that rare phenomenonOr it has come to an end.

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The first of several coronal mass ejections (CMEs), Plasma expulsionOh sun’s magnetic fields, It happened shortly after 4:00 pm GMT on Friday, according to the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The event was later upgraded to Geomagnetic storm “Extreme”, the first since “Halloween storms October 2003, which caused Blackouts in Sweden and the destruction of electrical infrastructure in South Africa.

Enthusiasm for the phenomenon – and for the stunning images of pink, green and purple night skies – has soared around the world. worldFrom Austria to Argentina, passing through the United States, Russia and New Zealand.

the Solar storm It emerged from a huge collection of Sunspots It is 17 times wider than Land.