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This is the most secure messaging app

In recent years, messaging apps have become popular. Most of the people have one of these on their mobile phone and use it frequently. despite of The WhatsApp It has become one of the most used, and there are others that compete with it.

Telegram is the platform that generates the biggest competition. There is some debate between the merits of each one and which one best suits the circumstances of its users.

In terms of security, they both offer protection to the people who use them. The WhatsApp It has an end-to-end encryption method. for his part, cable Upload all messages to the cloud.

According to tech experts, the messaging platform that provides maximum security to its users is Signal, a little-known app that has been gaining ground in recent months.

What creates trust for those who use Signal is that messages sent from this chat remain only between the person who sends them and the person who receives them. Once deleted, it cannot be accessed or retrieved by anyone else.

This app was created in 2014 and one of its advantages is that to enter you just need to share your phone number. While WhatsApp, Telegram, and others ask for location, name, language, and more personal data.

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Signal currently has more than 10 million users worldwide, including entrepreneur Elon Musk. Calls can also be made on the platform and can be downloaded to computers.