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SpaceX and NASA have postponed the launch of a joint mission to the International Space Station

(CNN) – Just two minutes before the planned launch of a new crew to the International Space Station, the launch team decided to cancel it.

With about two minutes left on the countdown clock, the launch was canceled due to a problem detected with TEA-TEB ignition fluid, which is used to ignite the engines of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at liftoff.

This mission is expected to launch two NASA astronauts, a Russian cosmonaut and an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates.

New release date

NASA and SpaceX announced that they will attempt to launch the joint Crew-6 mission to the International Space Station on Thursday morning, March 2.

An attempted launch early Monday morning was canceled due to a problem with the fluid used to ignite the rocket’s engines.

“The mission teams decided to pull back to investigate an issue that prevented data confirmation of the full charge of the Falcon 9 Merlin first-stage ignition source engines, triethylaluminum triethylboron (or TEA-TEB),” NASA said on its blog. .

NASA and SpaceX will not attempt launches during a possible Tuesday morning window due to unfavorable weather forecasts.

If the ignition system issue is resolved, the next available start attempt is 00:34 on Thursday, March 2nd.

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