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Retro Nintendo games are coming to iPhone: how to install them

Retro Nintendo games are coming to iPhone: how to install them

The Delta app gives you access to Nintendo games from consoles like the Game Boy, DS, and SNES. (Reuters)

iPhone users will be able for the first time to live the experience of having a video game emulator on their mobile phones. After Apple's permission to allow these applications to be published in the App Store, a first option appeared that provides a full experience on different consoles.

Delta emulator is the first option to appear and provides access to classic consoles such as NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. So it's the perfect opportunity to relive the childhood with video games that many grew up with.

Delta has become the solution many have been waiting for. iPhone users were the only ones who couldn't enjoy these types of experienceswhile on Android there are multiple options.

The Delta app gives you access to Nintendo games from consoles like the Game Boy, DS, and SNES. (picture information)

This application allows you to play old games and includes controller controls within the screen interface, and also adapts the look of the old system. next to, It offers the ability to use Bluetooth controls, like those found on Xbox or PlayStation, for those looking for a more comfortable experience.

The platform also allows you to save games, so as not to affect users' progress, and there is also the option to speed up game play to advance quickly in moments that may be boring or repetitive.

Delta is designed to be compatible with a wide range of iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. Furthermore it, The development team has expressed its commitment to continue improving and expanding the application in the future.

Delta is an iPhone emulator, perfect for playing old Nintendo games. (App Store)

Downloading Delta to your iPhone is a simple process and can be accessed by any user. For those who live in the United States or Latin America, The process consists of simply going to the app store and searching for the app to download it like any other app.

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but, Users located in the European Union can enjoy this emulator by downloading it from AltStore, An alternative app store for iOS. In this case, the steps are as follows:

  • Download and install AltStore on your iPhone by following the instructions available on its official website.
  • Once AltStore is installed, open the app and search for Delta.
  • Select Delta and follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, open Delta and start enjoying your favorite old games on your iPhone.

But the process involves some extra steps so you can enjoy the games. The app is just an emulator This means that titles must be downloaded and saved to a folder in order for the platform to play them.

To access the games it is necessary to download ROMs, which are special files that work like CDs before. (picture information)

To get the games, you have to access the page that allows you to download ROMs for older consoles. Some recommended platforms are r-roms.github.ios, wowroms.com, and cdromance.org, which are well-known platforms and do not pose significant risks.

After downloading the game to your cell phone, you will have to move it to a new folder where you will collect all the other titles. This is not a mandatory step, but a recommendation to get more organized and so that your Downloads folder is not messy.

finally, We will go to Delta and at the top right we will find the “+” icon to add a file. Then we move to the files and finally to the folder in which we save all the ROMs, and from there we select all the games and open them. The app will group them by console and now we can enjoy them.

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It is important to never delete this folder with games; Because if we do that we will lose access to them and will have to do the whole process again. Moreover, if you use other pages to download ROMs, it is recommended to verify their authenticity and install security software, since malware is often hidden.