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These are the iPhones of choice for those who switched from Android

These are the iPhones of choice for those who switched from Android

The trend of changing from Android to iPhone is becoming more and more evident, and now the favorite iPhone among former androids users has been revealed

The iPhone 14 series is the most attractive for Android users in the United States

It has become more and more clear Status of Android users switching to iPhone. The reasons can be many and this is the case The diversity that exists in terms of brands and the reality of the operating system makes some people tend to look at this aspect (Not too dark). Recently, CIRP published a report on new iPhone buyers coming from Android, which is interesting. More recently, the percentage has remained between 13 and 15 percent for the past two years. A new report has now been released reflecting which iPhone models are attracting new users. Can you guess which one is the most popular?

The iPhone 14 is the most popular choice for Android devices moving to iOS

According to the report, new iPhone users in the US who come from Android are choosing the iPhone 14 or 14 Plus. The percentage is clear, as it represents 26% of purchases. Very close at one percentage point lower than the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

Which model do new Android buyers choose?

Which model do new Android buyers choose? Image: SERP

There is an iPhone 15 but it's rare that new buyers don't choose it. why is that? They do not choose the new, but the newest. They may not want to go all out with their first purchase but first get involved in the new ecosystem and find out if it satisfies them or not. This is supported because the report also shows this from the budget sidewhich is a similar amount as the percentage of users who choose the iPhone SE, iPhone 12, or 13.

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Some users left their Android devices mostly mid-range and therefore not as expensive as the iPhone. Non-vintage appliances are usually the best budget option according to CIRP.

It's tempting to move from Android to iPhone, why?

Screenshot of an Android app that mimics the iPhone 15

This app has more than 100 million downloads from Android users who want an iPhone

To express my own experience, in June 2023, I switched to this good side of the coin since Android started bothering me as far as the operating system was concerned. In addition, a large number of friends and family own an iPhone AirDrop, Face ID, and iMessages are now essentialbesides the Convergence of the current ecosystem I use (macOS, tvOS, and now iOS).

There are other users who have been on Android for many years and highlight similar advantages. FaceTime, quicker notifications, and a cleaner operating system like the Reddit user are some important features to highlight. On the other hand, in the case of Android to iPhone, they lean towards design, optimization and even using Safari is more than just satisfying experiences.

These are the iPhones of choice for those who switched from Android

There are more users switching from Android to iPhone than vice versa

Most of these users who move from Android to iPhone in the future could be like my colleague Angel Roca who has been using iPhone as his main device since 2010.

To repeat my personal case, the last iPhone I had was the 7 Plus and I had it for 4 years. The new features that Xiaomi was offering in 2020 initially tempted me and made me a satisfying purchase but in terms of performance it only lasted about 3 years. My demands changed and I decided to buy the iPhone 14 Pro. The Xiaomi phone now acts as a secondary device, and I plan to keep said iPhone for a while longer from then on iOS and the way the iPhone works are very different from 2016.