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The world is preparing to pay with the palm of the hand

The world is preparing to pay with the palm of the hand

To start paying by hand, you must register first. (Amazon)

Can you imagine that you can pay for groceries or public transportation tickets with the palm of your hand? This is already a reality thanks to biometric technology. Our hands store unique information that can be linked to your financial data stored in the cloud so that your purchase can be processed correctly.

by information

Amazon One Palm Payment is a biometric payment system developed by Amazon, which allows users to make payments or authenticate to systems and services by scanning their palm.

This system uses advanced imaging technology to identify the unique characteristics of each individual’s palm, including lines and patterns, providing a safe and convenient form of contactless verification.

Users register their palm once, which they can then use to make payments at selected stores such as US supermarket chain Whole Food.

How to pay by hand?

To pay manually using the Amazon One Palm Payment system, users must follow the initial registration process and will then be able to make payments easily:

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