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New iPhone update, everything you need to know

New iPhone update, everything you need to know

What are the new and compatible devices

iOS 16.6 is compatible with all Devices compatible with this version of iOS. So, in terms of compatibility, there have been no changes. This is to be expected since Apple supports teams throughout the year.

This update offers some minor changes, But what is most notable is that this update contains some the changes between the trial version and the final version. For example, some Security featuresWhere account verification appeared in the beta version, while in the official version of iOS 16.6 it did not appear. We assume that Apple will leave this functionality for iOS 17.

Now, this update, even if it’s the last, includes some Interesting news. Specifically, if we’re not going Settings and click Coverage, we can see some changes. Specifically, the described text we have at the bottom. Apple reshaped the text for better compression with fewer words.

A very interesting novelty has to do with it iCloud, Which includes a new security warning when logging in from a Windows device. When you sign in on a Windows device, you need the verification code that appears on your Apple device. If it is not on the same network, a new network will appear. warning So, they should be in The same network to configure.

update ios iphone

We also have New Beats headphones animationadding colours. Specifically, the Ivory, Black, and Transparent colors that Apple introduced recently are now visible. Another of her innovations has to do with when this happened Sign in with your Apple IDOn the official Apple page, we can now log in from your iPhone and it is not necessary to add the password. Of course, it’s only available with iOS 17, but this beta confirms its arrival.

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Tips before iOS 16 update

This update has also improved performance and battery Not in a substantial way, but it followed the same line of improvement that Apple has been experimenting with since the launch of iOS 16 in September 2022.

Other minor news

This sixth version of iOS 16 also includes some Minor news And one of them is focused exclusively on the United States and that’s always good to know. Specifically, we mean Apple Pay at a later time. This option will allow us to split purchases between $50 and $1,000 for a maximum of 6 months. Of course, this update is not known when it will arrive in Europe.

Finally, iOS 16.6 will likely be the latest software version for iOS 16 compatible devices, although Apple will likely continue to release it next year. Updates focus on device security.

From the writing team at La Manzana Mordida, no matter if it’s an update with more or less weight, it’s always It is recommended to update your device to the latest generation. On the other hand, since the update hop will be less when iOS 17 comes out and if your device is not compatible with the latest operating system from Apple, updating to the latest version will give your iPhone more stability and fluidity.