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Details in the contract block Pocho Guzmán’s access to Chivas

Guadalajara, Jalisco /

All walking has stopped and is now running suspense the Arrival of Victor Guzman a Chivaswhich, for its part, still possesses Jesus Ricardo Angulo.

Although there was already a verbal agreement and everything was very advanced bucho Now he will stay with Guadalajara, A.J subject matter in the contract Everything is on hold, and the talks aren’t over yet.

The subject passes through a Economic issue Which comes in the new link, and therefore the skilled player has not yet been announced.

As long as it doesn’t work out flock Follow Canelo cornerwho traveled to monterey With the team he will play against tomorrow tigers On the Mexico Cup.

Angulo and his arrival to Lion It comes to a signature GuzmanThat’s why it all came to a halt, despite the fact that the midfielder had said goodbye to his friends in Pearl Tapatia s affiliate Red and white fans.

Things should move now. Guzmán is looking forward to training with his new team and is counting on Chivas.

Toño Rodríguez, near Necaxa

An element that can also exit a file Guadalajara He is the goalkeeper Jose Antonio RodriguezWho cares Necaxaafter leaving America From Luis Angel Malagon.

There are already talks and it will be days before there is good news, while the goalkeeper also went with the Rojiblanca team to face the Rojiblanca team. UANL.