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Another “stone” on the board from within Cruz Azul for the potential signing of Luis Suarez

The potential signing of Luis Suarez not only caused a stir among fans and Mexican soccer, but also within Cruz Azul.

The steering received a hint from inside the Cruz Azul.
© Imago7 | imagoThe steering received a hint from inside the Cruz Azul.

Luis Suarez continues to rock Mexican football and all cement environment with your possible Signature at Cruz Azul for Clausura 2023because in the latest news about Negotiation that cement board will be with him Uruguay crack has been announced Characters who will try to convince him Then the opinions started.

That is, he has outgrown it The machine was going to show Gunman an approximate profit of $6 million a year, With a two-season contract, a figure that, of course, no one earns from the Blue Sky team, because, even with the aforementioned income, the Uruguay team will become the highest paid player in the entire Liga MX.

Thus, the first feedback from within the campus has already been given. It was Player Nancy Zaragoza Who wrote their opinion through their account Twitterwhich appears to be the letter iDirectly to the Board of Directors chaired by President Victor Manuel Velasquez, About the small budget he allocates to female category.

“Well, yes there is.”wrote the Cement midfielder 28 years old, accompanied by his letter with a banknote emoji, Referring to Capital Until now A huge amount will be allocated to include Luis Suarez in the team, Which, needless to say, is The discrepancy with the salaries of the Celestial players and budget allocated to Draft to compete in Liga MX Femenil.

And that is that, we must remember this in six years Cruz Azul participated in Liga MX Femenil, Only on two occasions did he manage to object to leaguewhich indicates the little importance given by the directives Cement for the category of womenas a subject reinforcements, salaries and budget in general, So that team can too compete for the title fairly, As required by the greatness of the institution.

Nancy Zaragoza She is one of the Blues’ regular starters in the last three leagues she has played, since joining as a booster in opening 2021, On his return from his time at Monterrey and the Xolos, where it was the first time he wore the light blue jersey of the Close 20219.

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