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Summary of the match Atlas vs Mazatlan (2-1). Objectives

Atlas started to show good signs and added their first cup win for Mexicobeating Mazatlan Club 2-1, in a great night for the Colombian player Julian Quinones, who appeared in the two sets of red and black points.

In what was the first victory for the Foxes at Jalisco Stadium With Benjamin Moura on the benchthe Guadalajara team left the good vibes again and reached 4 points in this pre-season competition.

Quiñones, who married Saturday in MonterreyHad a great night with a great goal, as Brian Lozano served, converting his first score to Roginegro.

That was the goal of Julian Quinones

Atlas had just drawn with Santos Laguna and lost against Tigres, so he had to win and went out looking for victory at Jalisco; He had several and scored few.

The first goal was only 2 minutes away when the ball went down Julio César Furch from inside the areaBut the Emperor failed to score, and Mazatlan responded in the 6th minute with a cross from Marco Fabian.

The people from Guadalajara were better and had many chances, including the shot that ignited Edison Flores in the 8th minute, which went past the Cañoneros goal, and in the 18th minute, Forsch received, kicked with the outside and hit the ball on the stick.

The procedures continued and at 45 minutes, Quinones scored a great goal to make it 1-0 when he received the ball and hit it from long rangeThat hit the post and hit Daniel Rodriguez’s goal.

That’s how they went to rest, but at the start of the second half, Edouard Bellew made it 1-1 with a shot inside the area, receiving a pass from Yoel Parkinas. The Venezuelan collided with partner Brian Colola, sending her to the rescue.

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Atlas tried to respond, and in the 50th minute, Luis Reyes hit a free kick that Gutierrez hit to continue the tie, until the 68th minute, Quinones broke the misplaced ball with a long ball inside the area which he left in Huevo Lozano who sent it in for a save to leave the final 2-1.he is.

However, the Whites made their third attempt with a shot that went past Sinaloan’s goal. The last part did not provide more, and Atlas won, who will face Chivas the following week in the Clasico Tapatio.