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David Medrano and his viral celebration of Atlas' victory over the Tigres |  video

David Medrano and his viral celebration of Atlas’ victory over the Tigres | video

Mexico City /

frankness Atlas beat the Tigres in Ida from semi-finals Championship Closing 2022 subordinate MX . League He left the red and black fans happy, especially the one who was caught by the cameras at the time of his celebration.

it’s about David Medranoone of the sending stars Aztec TV And a famous athlete did not back down when he celebrated his team’s third goal thanks to the Colombian. Julian Quinones.

The action was taken with humor by his comrades led by Christian MartinoliAnd Luis GarciaAnd Jorge Campos s Luis Roberto Alves Zag.

a few months ago David Medrano He lived a special moment when he saw the hero atlas For the first time in 70 years, and not only that, he was able to narrate the punishment with which he Julius Verch He ended the drought in the final against Lion.

right Now Medrano And other athletes are on the cusp of seeing their team redefine the title, although they must complete the work on Saturday at volcano.

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