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Chivas player who missed the start of Apertura 2022;  There are two more injured

Chivas player who missed the start of Apertura 2022; There are two more injured

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El Rebaño has released details about the physical problems three of its players experienced before the start of the pre-season for the 2022 opener.

© Photo 7Flores and Ponce, successfully operated on at Chivas; Jimenez is also injured

After Chivas de Guadalajara were eliminated last weekend, They are already glimpsing what the next tournament will be like which is why three of their players have been successfully treated for their injuries, as Sergio Flores and Miguel Ponce underwent surgery, while goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez underwent surgery He began to pay attention to the muscular posture.

through a statement The Holy Squadron provided details of the attention it paid to some of its elements that culminated in the 2022 Final Championship With some diseases, especially Sergio Flores, who has been suffering since the middle of the season with problems with his knee and Forcing him to enter the operating room to treat a meniscus injury in his right leg.

Sergio suffered a meniscus and external femoral condyle injury in his right knee, Therefore, meniscus repair was performed this Wednesday, in which the damaged part of the meniscus was removed, and microfractures were made in the part of the femoral condyle cartilage, It is the area where the thigh bone is like a cylinder and where the knee can be flexed, so it was important for these injuries to be repaired.. Anticipation of his return to competition is 10 to 12 weeks.” It can be read in the statement.

for this part, Miguel Ponce has a deviated nasal septum and has also been treated to start pre-season In time and form: Miguel Ponce underwent surgery to repair a deviated nasal septum, so that he does not have any problems and can breathe perfectly; he will be able to start the preparatory season alongside his teammates.

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What position does Chivas urgently need to cement for its 2022 opening?

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The injury that prevented Miguel Jimenez from playing against Atlas

The Chivas goalkeeper was also subjected to an adverse physical condition at the worst moments, Since he left the field a few minutes later in the second leg of the quarter-final against Atlas: El Wacho has a small muscle injury in the adductor longus muscle of the right leg, which is the supporting leg; In clearance, this small charge was created, It’s a very minor muscle injury, so he’ll be ready for the season.”

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