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David Cronenberg does a great psychological horror exercise on the boundaries of mind and body

David Cronenberg does a great psychological horror exercise on the boundaries of mind and body

With someone who is very attached to the gruesome image and physical horror like David CronenbergIt’s only natural that you try to do that A clear division between his more established films and those that are more earthy and dramatic. This leads to movies likefuture crimes‘It is discussed in terms like going back to the roots and the ‘new body’ that he popularized, though in fact the concept expands beyond surreal bloodsucking.

Cronenberg’s evolution towards more contained cinema does not signify a break with this exploration of body and mind, as these explorations continue to a greater or lesser extent in the rest of his cinematography. All this was possible thanks to the turning point that One of his best moviestragic and disturbing”inseparable‘, which is available for Watch on Amazon Prime Video In addition to in two movies s In FlixOle.

two bodies. Two minds.

By making a free adaptation of Barry Wood and Jack Gisland’s novel “Twins,” which already takes liberties to tell the Marcus brothers’ story, Cronenberg takes us into the tale of two miracles in gynecology. They are both identical twins, and they both play the role of adults Jeremy Ironswhich – which They are physically indistinguishable even though they show different personalities.

Elliot is endowed with captivating charisma, with the gift of people, while Beverly is more introverted and shy, and less suited to social skills. It’s because of that They try to distribute the roles well so that they can both thrive in the medical worldwith the former performing tasks more related to business and the latter obsessed with research.

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But these conventions go further, as customs, tastes, housing and sometimes women and life are involved in quirky games of smoke and mirrors. A game certainly less elegant than the one played by Cronenberg himself It gives a sense of being in front of two different people, even though they are eerily relatedthrough the same face.

“Inseparable”: loves indecipherable

Irons’ work itself is undoubtedly laudable, and its value has never been in doubt, but the correct development of the narrative is as basic a trick as knowing how to compose the shot to give the feeling that the two are in the scene. thus The challenge proposed by the works of the filmwhich is neither a loaded melodrama nor an exercise for its lead actor to shine.

Cronenberg benefits from the veneration and success achieved with films such as ‘video“yes”the fly‘ for Expand as much as possible your ideas about the evolution of bodiesidentity and the transformation of the mind into a new state and how scientific and technological developments contribute to it. It is perhaps debatable to what extent, by its tragic and dramatic character, this exploration of the tormented psyche of horror or cinema ends up alienating the genre (although tragic and dramatic went hand in hand in “The Fly”). Nevertheless, he remains pure Cronenberg in his thoughts, which, when properly dissected, end up revealing horrific truths about ourselves. Cinema in its purest form that proves his character as a primary author.

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