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Damien Ramirez's superb goal at max prevents marathon loss against Victoria

Damien Ramirez’s superb goal at max prevents marathon loss against Victoria

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The marathon He has yet to wake up, although on Wednesday night he managed to avoid defeat at the extreme after a 1-1 draw against Victoria on Day 7 of the 2022-2023 opener. National League from Honduras.

Cebino’s team advanced 1-0 with a goal from Oscar Suazo in the second half, but former Jabya player Damien Ramirez tied the Greens 1-1 with a superb free kick in the 92nd minute.

The purslane collected five games in a row without being able to win, so the alarms went off for what happened in Uruguay. Manuel Cousian It can be on a tightrope.

The Greens are seventh in the standings with just seven points and the next day they will face UPN Wolves.

For his part, win over fourth place with 11 units.


It was a match that saw many chances to score in both goals and in the end Marathon and Victoria only got one point, which for Keosyan’s team almost like victory because of the way they avoided defeat.

In the 12th minute, the first warning came from the pocket. A cross from the left and Luis Ortiz made a superb save after Matias Lopez’s header, who could not believe the clear scoring opportunity he missed.

In the 30th minute, Jose Villafranca hit a header at goalkeeper Luis Ortiz, who kept the ball without major problems.

For Marathon, the most important came in the 35th minute after a cross from Felix Crisanto where Clavin Zuniga scored a wonderful goal with difficulty. The ball passed near the right post of goalkeeper Iso Flores.

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At the end of the first half, the Greens were at 42 with a left-footed shot from Elmer Goethe in the small area that ended up in the hands of goalkeeper Jaibo. It was a procedure to open the registry.


The tag has been opened in the complementing part.

In the 64th minute, a great shot from Alexei Vega on the right wing caused the goal from Cepieno. He took an exceptional position to three fingers and called Oscar Suazo in the small area to make it 1-0.

Marathon’s reaction was expected. Keosseián made some changes and his team went up front in search of an equaliser.

Brian Barrios, who recently entered the field, scored the equalizer in the 82nd minute. He shot the ball into a small area, but goalkeeper Issou Flores brilliantly saved Victoria with his right hand.

When it looked like Victoria would collect the three points, Damien Ramirez scored a superb free kick to put the final 1-1 at the Olympics.

Starting lines:

marathon (1): Luis Ortiz, Felix Crisanto (Brian Barrios 72′), Luis Vega, Brian Molina, Javier Arriaga, Juan Vieira (Sylvin Guevara 72′), Sergio Peña, Damien Ramirez, Elmer Guiti (Odin Ramos 62′), Clavin Zuniga (Byron Rodriguez 78) and Lucas Campana (Edwin Solano 61).

win over (1): Eduard Flores, David Velasquez, Fernando Lopez (Yaudel Lahera 57′), Alexy Vega (Wilmer Crisanto 77′), Josué Villafranca, Fabricio Silva, Arnaldo Urbina, José Tobías, Rodolfo Espinal, Luis Meléndez and Oscar Suazo (Carlos Mattut 80′).