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Cuban sponsors protest in Miami over delays in parole cases: “It really worries us”

Cuban sponsors protest in Miami over delays in parole cases: “It really worries us”

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Sunday, July 2, 2023

A group of Cuban supporters gathered outside the popular Versailles restaurant in downtown Miami to demonstrate against delays in the implementation of the humanitarian parole program launched by the Biden administration in January.

“We want to do things legally,” said one of the statements to America Dev reporter Mario Benton. “It really worries us,” he said, referring to the island’s dire crisis.

“We want to free our relatives a little from these situations, because we are afraid of what is happening there. We are not seeing any progress,” he lamented. Another Cuban at the scene asked to respect the timeline of the cases, as some have been pending since January, while others, Those implemented later were already on American soil.

“We love our starving families on the island. They have no water, no electricity, no food or medicine (…) We don’t want our relatives to be public charges, we work hard”, said a young woman.

“USCIS has done the process as it wants. In fact, we, the taxpayers, want safe and orderly immigration to the United States. It was never said that humanitarian parole would be inconsistent,” said a fourth protester, who accused the US Immigration Service of lying to sponsors.

In late June, USCIS announced an update to the Humanitarian Parole Program review process. “Because the number of potential sponsors who have filed Forms I-134A is significantly greater than the 30,000 advance travel authorizations available each month, it is a matter of maintaining a fair and available pathway for all Form I-134A beneficiaries to obtain the advance. process and request travel authorization,” a statement explains.

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He also says processing times may vary. “USCIS and CBP are committed to reviewing cases as carefully and promptly as possible.” Similarly, “Under this new review process, effective May 17, 2023, between caseloads, USCIS will select approximately half of the monthly total of I-134A forms, regardless of filing date. Pending review”.

As of the end of May, 29,000 applications had been approved, and about 28,000 Cubans had come to the United States thanks to the humanitarian parole program, according to official figures. Venezuelans have benefited the most with 51,000 parolees approved, of which 44,000 have reached the United States.

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