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Drowning deaths on Florida beaches are on the rise

Drowning deaths on Florida beaches are on the rise

The most beautiful beaches are not always the safest. This is confirmed by data from the US National Weather Service cited by NBC News.In this sense, some of North America’s most spectacular beaches (from the Panhandle to the Alabama border) are listed as extremely dangerous.

A dozen drowning deaths due to rip currents in Florida in two weeks confirm the above data. Despite red flag warnings, these places do not have enough lifeguards to prevent bathers from drowning.

The only U.S. location with the highest number of apparent drowning deaths this year is Panama City Beach. According to “Surf Zone Fatalities” data, seven of the aforementioned 12 deaths occurred in that area.

All the deceased were men between the ages of 39 and 68. These are unable to withstand near-shore currents, narrow and violent currents.

Why do these conditions develop on the coast?

Meteorologist Kathryn Prosiv noted that the combination of southwesterly waves and strengthening sea breezes is increasing the height of the waves. Hence, it increases the risk of rip currents.

Adding to this risk is a chronic shortage of qualified first responders, said Tom Gill, a spokesman for the United States Lifesaving Association.

While it’s true that swimming at an actively patrolled beach is the safest option, not all are patrolled by a lifeguard. In addition, the intense heat encourages the desire to bathe on the beach.

The statistics are even more alarming, with a total of 60 apparent drownings across the country as of last Wednesday.

For her part, Debbie Ingram, spokeswoman for Panama City Beach, reported a lack of lifeguards to patrol the nine kilometers of beach in her tourist community. It’s a favorite spot for spring break partygoers.

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