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A journalist shielded his microphone with a condom

A journalist shielded his microphone with a condom

Kayla Geller took to social media to pledge that the NBC2 network would “protect the team at all costs.”

A TV journalist in South Florida, USA, live-streamed his arrival this Wednesday, causing a stir on social networks. Hurricane Ian to the west coast of the state, from He covered his microphone with a condom“To protect the equipment,” he said.

Kyla Galer, reporter and anchor of NBC2, the local channel of this chain in Fort Myers, this Wednesday Ian landed in a landslide, broadcast live from outside and with a condom on his microphone, many viewers began to send him messages on social networks. .

Geller was reporting from a parking lot when the audience heard what he called “concerned tigers” through the clear rubber cover on his microphone and immediately began flooding it with messages.

“NBC 2 practices safe mic reporting during Hurricane Ian,” one viewer tweeted.

On his Instagram and Facebook profiles, the journalist replied: “A lot of people ask what’s on my microphone, you think it’s a condom. It helps protect the equipment. You cannot get these mics wet. It’s very windy and there’s a lot of rain, so we have to do what we have to do, and that’s put a condom on the microphone.

His colleague Jeff Butera of ABC7, who covered the hurricane’s arrival, said on Twitter: “We practice safe hurricane reporting. Yes, it’s a condom. Nothing beats waterproofing a microphone. My colleague @kylagaler at Waterman Broadcasting has been answering a lot of questions. A light moment in this awful storm.”

Geller described preparations for Ian’s arrival in Florida from Fort Myers, Sarasota and Cape Coral, the area where Ian made landfall Wednesday after devastating western Cuba.

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“This is very serious. If you are under a mandatory evacuation, ask and do it now!!! Don’t wait! We have continuous coverage to make sure Southwest Florida is safe,” Geller warned Tuesday. Cyclone.

Powerful Hurricane Ian lashed Florida’s west coast with maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h, and “catastrophic” flooding and storm surges are still expected in parts of this coastal region facing the Gulf of Mexico.

Revolutionized the networks by the journalist who protected his microphone with a condom

No casualties have yet been reported in the impact zone, but in the Florida Keys, south of the state, they are searching for about twenty Cuban “rafters” whose boat capsized amid strong waves. For the hurricane.

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), the eye of the hurricane made landfall around 3:05 pm local time (7:05 pm GMT) on the barrier island off Cayo Costa, off the southern city. Fort Myers is about 100 kilometers south of Tampa, where coastal towns are still under flood warnings due to storm surge.

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