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Luis Miguel surprises his followers by publishing his first photo with Paloma Cuevas

Luis Miguel surprises his followers by publishing his first photo with Paloma Cuevas

the singer Luis Miguel left his fans surprised by sharing his stories to Instagram His first photo with Paloma Cuevas.

that is the true Almost historical Since Luis Miguel has been very discreet regarding his private life, in fact, he did not use social networks until his 2023-2024 world tour, in which he was seen closer to his followers.

definitelyLuis Miguel is experiencing one of the best moments of his career. At 54 years old, he is one of the most successful and highest-grossing Latin artists in the world. It broke records for ticket sales around the world.

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Luis Miguel in concert / social networks

Luis Miguel is living his best personal and professional moments

Just the round “Luis Miguel: Tour 2024” was recognized as the most successful of the year Until now, as reported by the specialized page Pollstar in its LIVE75 list.

next to The famous man recently celebrated his birthday with Paloma Cuevas And of course with his daughter, Michelle Salas, who shared the long-awaited photo with her father a few days ago.

The photo caused a sensation on the networks because it shows the beautiful relationship that Michelle currently has with her father. The photo generated many positive reactions because both of them have been apart for several years.

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Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas together on their plane

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas together on their private plane. / Instagram: @michellesalasb

Luis Miguel shares a photo with Paloma Cuevas

Photo shared by Luis Miguel In their stories Instagramshows the cover of the magazine Welcome!, Where he appears with Paloma Cuevas. The cover describes how the star celebrated his birthday with her, highlighting the obvious happiness as Luis Miguel looks into his girlfriend's eyes with a smile from ear to ear.

They both look radiant and happy: he's inside evening Elegant and handsome, she wears a light blue dress with her hair up. The photo reflects the harmony between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas.

This is the first time that Luis Miguel has shared on his social networks Picture with your partner and show off With pride when he celebrated his birthday with her.

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