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Hondurans arriving by train in Juárez wade through the Rio Grande

Hondurans arriving by train in Juárez wade through the Rio Grande

A thousand migrants arrived in the Mexican city of Juárez this week on a train dubbed 'The Beast', wading through 10 kilometers of the Rio Grande that forms the border between Juárez and El Paso, Texas. Towards America.

They rescue many Hondurans in the Rio Grande on the border with the United States

Luis Ortiz arrived on the 'ship from Venezuela this week.beast', was the means of transporting goods across the country, and many of the emigrants used to transport themselves from southern Mexico, immediately towards the Rio Grande.

“The problem here is that they don't see us passing by any way. They tell us to go to door 45, but we can't go to door 45 because that door is very dangerous because there are cartels and there are many children and women here, and they take us there. They are going to kidnap,” Ortiz told EFE while walking to the side Bravo River.

The nomads who reach this place do so without blankets, so there are no camps like in other parts of the border.

All the while, groups of people, including entire families, can be seen trying to cross back and forth along the 10 kilometers of the Rio Grande on the border between Juárez and El Paso.

“(The authorities) don't want to help us (…) even if it leads us to a certain path. They're keeping us without water, they're dehydrating us completely, so we're going to be here until we give up the resistance, to see if we can go to America,” Ortiz said.

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The thousands of migrants who have arrived in recent days are unlikely to find a border effectively sealed with physical barriers and multiple monitors by Mexico and the United States, he said.

Get them off the train

The biggest challenge, he pointed out, is traveling in large enough groups to prevent immigration officials from forcibly removing them from the train.

That is why the migrants gather in groups of at least 200 or 300 because if they are dropped off they have to run through the desert to avoid being detained.

“But yesterday about 600 or 700 people came to Juárez from Chihuahua, and many more are coming,” he said, referring to caravans from the south. Mexico.

One of the most painful areas for the authorities is to repatriate people on the move as they repatriate them to other parts of the country. Mexico Not to their country of birth.

“Hunger, thirst, everything, he has been suffering from hiccups (discomfort) in those trains for many days. It's not easy, but you're doing it with your family, children, parents in Venezuela, a country that's in absolute crisis because of a bad government,” he pointed out.

Each migrant, however, seeks their own strategy to cross, although they say it is complicated by the dangerous razor wire fence along the border and the surveillance of the Texas National Guard along the U.S. border.

“(We're) looking for a way to get in because they're paying attention to who's here, and all the guards are here,” said Dante Natanel, an immigrant who arrived this week. Honduras to do City of Juarez.

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The pressure is on Migration It is growing as the number of undocumented immigrants detected by the government increased by 77% to a record 782,000 in 2023, with the presidential elections of the United States and Mexico taking place simultaneously this year. EFE