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Hundreds of immigrants deported by US and Mexico end up in a remote city in Guatemala University immigration news

About 300 Undocumented immigrants Central Americans deported on direct flights to southern Mexico from the United States were then deported by the country to a remote city in the northern jungles of El Bedan, Guatemala, where they were stranded and almost impossible to return to.

Last week Joe Biden’s government launched flights to the city of Villahermosa in southern Mexico with the deportees. Newspaper report Washington Post .

The Mexican government agreed with Washington to accept the flights and promised that immigrants who feared reliable persecution would be allowed to return to their home countries.

At the end of July the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the first removal aircraft with ineligible immigrants. United States Code Title 42, An old policy prior to 1944 and was implemented by the Donald Trump government last year due to the coronary virus epidemic.

The device allows foreigners to be deported quickly for public health reasons and because of the risk of spreading the COV-19 virus.

Three days ago, the government announced that it was re-implementing the Accelerated Disposal Policy for some families who were ineligible for asylum or not allowed under Title 42 and under the Immigration Act.

“In line with that approach, the DHS has resumed accelerated deportation flights for some families who recently arrived on the southern border, cannot be removed under Title 42, and there is no legal basis for staying in the United States,” the department said. A statement.

The victims arrived in the remote Guatemalan border town of El Cebu, where they first described the chaotic series of evacuations by air from the United States and then by bus from Villahermosa (southern Mexico) to Guatemala. They noted that they were not given the opportunity to seek asylum in Mexico.

The evicted groups include mothers with children under 1 year of age, the newspaper condemned.

When they reached El Sibo, surrounded by farmland and forests of about 300 people, they began to walk south.

With more than 300 deported immigrants arriving in the city since Friday, the Casa del Micrante shelter in Elsebore, home to 30 people, is overcrowded. Accommodation for recipients is subject to a two-night limit.

“We don’t know where we are going to sleep tomorrow,” said Salvatore, a 24-year-old from the Morason department who traveled with his 9-month-old son. The Washington Post reported Monday morning that they had been evacuated from South Texas to Villahermosa, after which Mexican authorities took them by bus to El Sibo the same night.

“Agents did not tell us where they were taking us, and then when the bus went into Guatemala, they said: ‘Well, that’s it, get out,'” he said.

When the government announced the implementation of the plan and the launch of the flights, the expedited evacuation process was “a legitimate means of managing our border safely, and it is safe and orderly towards our broader goal of achieving the immigration process.”

In early February, two weeks after Biden arrived at the White House, the government announced the termination of the Asylum Cooperation Agreements (ACA) with El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. ‘Safe Third Country’ Agreements And signed by the previous administration

The ACA allowed the deportation of immigrants from the United States, and the nationals of one in three did not return to their home country.

“The Biden administration believes that there are better ways to work with our coalition governments to manage immigration in the region. Said in the statement.

“Our approach will continue to support their national action plans under the framework of comprehensive regional security and solutions through international humanitarian partners,” he added.

“They cheat”

But the truth is different. “They are deceiving them because they say that there will be a bus in El Sibo in Mexico and they will be taken to their countries. Lies. When they arrive they say: Where is the bus? Where to take him to go to my country? He condemned Natalia Lorenzo, who works in the Guatemalan government’s ombudsman’s office.

Andres Torrebio, who runs a shelter in El Cebu, said he was shocked by the sudden arrival of hundreds of immigrants from the United States. The area is known primarily as a crossing point for smuggled immigrants to the north and a transportation point for narcotics, the Post said.

Torrebio said Monday night alone, at least seven buses that had been evacuated from the United States had arrived.