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Ecuador strengthens ties with US: Anthony Blinken talks with President-elect Guillermo Lasso and reaffirms that relations are "strengthening"

Ecuador strengthens ties with US: Anthony Blinken talks with President-elect Guillermo Lasso and reaffirms that relations are “strengthening”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. EFE / EPA / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / Archive

Anthony Blingen, the head of US diplomacy, had a telephone conversation with Guilder Ecuador’s President-elect Guillermo Lasso on Friday, congratulating him on his victory in the April 11 vote.

“Our relationship with Ecuador is firm and increasingly strong. I am pleased to talk with President-elect Guillermo Lasso about how we can work together to strengthen our economies, restore democracy in Venezuela and create a safer region for the benefit of all.”Blinken wrote the conversation on his Twitter account.

Blingen's tweet about phone chat with Lasso
Blingen’s tweet about phone chat with Lasso

A State Department statement on Friday noted that in that conversation, Blinken expressed his “deep gratitude” to Ecuador for receiving hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Venezuela and reiterated US support to help them.

“The two pledged to work together to restore democracy in Venezuela, and Ecuador welcomes more than 430,000 Venezuelan immigrants.”The U.S. State Department document said.

Guillermo Lasso (EFE / Jose Jecom) elected President of Ecuador
Guillermo Lasso (EFE / Jose Jecom) elected President of Ecuador

The US Secretary of State has already acted with his will in a statement issued on April 13 Lasso will take office on May 24, To strengthen bilateral relations.

He reiterated on Friday the United States’ commitment to work with Ecuador to revive both economies in the wake of the Govt-19 epidemic.

“The Secretary-General and the President-elect discussed the strengthening of the already vibrant bilateral relationship between the United States and Ecuador on trade, investment, governance, security, counter-narcotics, human rights and regional issues.” Foreign Office Report.

Lasso, a 65-year-old former banker, won the second round against the dolphin left-wing economist Andres Aras of former Socialist President Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

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The United States and Ecuador have maintained tense relations during the decade of the Corista government. But current President Lennon Moreno, a former ally of Korea, has taken a turn in his pioneering foreign policy and moved closer to Washington.

Lasso, who loves Moreno and the US government, is unaware of Nicolas Maduro’s mandate in Venezuela because he considers his re-election a fraud, promising to formalize Venezuela’s immigration status in Ecuador “for humanitarian reasons.”

“There is no doubt that this represents a great stress for the Ecuadorian economy at a time when the people of Ecuador are out of work, but we will seek international financial assistance to integrate projects into the financial regulation and the economy,” he declared after his victory.

UN According to statistics, there are 5.4 million Venezuelan immigrants and refugees in the world, less than half of whom are documented.

Similarly, the head of US diplomacy expressed Washington’s commitment to maintaining bilateral cooperation to revive its economies after the epidemic.

On April 13, the US government announced its intention to work with Lasso and his deputy, Alfredo Porero. EFE

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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