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Alex Ottola wins his case against Joe Carrillo, another legal milestone

Alex Ottola wins his case against Joe Carrillo, another legal milestone

Influencer and political activist Alex Ottola won his case against Joe Carrillo in a final hearing in a Miami court this Friday.

Carrillo wanted to impose a permanent restraining order against Ottola, but the court determined that the allegations or evidence were insufficient to win the case.

During the hearing in person, the plaintiff testified and seemed moved, but later his behavior was somewhat aggressive, especially since he did not show the necessary evidence.

VPP Law FirmThe influencer's legal team made possible another legal feat in Miami-Dade County's mayoral candidate Otola's career.

“This is not the first or last legal battle we have proudly fought with Mr Otola. “We will continue to stand with Mr Otola in the fight for justice” Reviews a press release issued on accounts @OtaolaforMayor In social networks.

It was another legal victory for Alexander Otola, who once again defeated politically motivated opponents.

Alex Ottola responded with separate posts on Facebook. In one of them, at the end of the trial, he sent a clear message to his opponents.

“Those who want to falsify and destroy the work we have been doing for 8 years; Attacks me or my team. “They'll just have one legal defeat after another.” He posted.

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