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Zoo Miami welcomes its first crested quail chicks

Zoo Miami welcomes its first crested quail chicks

Miami Zoo Miami A first calf was welcomed this Wednesday Crested crowA rare and beautiful bird species native to forests and savannas MadagascarIn the southeast Africa.

The cub, born on March 28, is being monitored at the park's Bird Breeding Center, the popular zoo said in a statement today.

Crested cuckoos (Cua cristata) are part of the cuckoo family and are recognized by their distinctive pale gray plumage and whistling sound.

Their diet includes a variety of insects, fruits, berries, seeds and small reptiles.

One of the most fascinating features of crested quails is their peculiar method of feeding their young.

To attract the attention of their parents and to guide them when they are hungry, the chicks shake their heads and open their mouths wide, patterned with a kind of red and white 'targets' that help deposit food easily.

Despite being listed as an endangered species, crested guavas face challenges such as habitat loss in Madagascar, which is causing their population to decline.

The Zoo Miami Avian Outreach Center is committed to “boosting populations of rare, endangered and underrepresented species” in partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

This Zoo Miami initiative aims to contribute to conservation efforts for all species facing threats.

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