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“It's over. Mike Pence voted against (Trump) the president…

“It's over. Mike Pence voted against (Trump) the president…

A Washington state man was sentenced Wednesday to more than seven years in prison for using a megaphone to plan an attack on guards guarding the U.S. Capitol.

Jan. 6, 2021 Judge Royce Lamberth said the videos captured Taylor James Jonatakis playing a leading role in the riot. Janatakis led other rioters, charging the police line, “shouting orders” into a megaphone and issuing step-by-step instructions to the guards, the judge noted.

“In any angry mob there are leaders and there are followers. Mr. Jonatakis was a leader. “He knew what he was doing that day,” the judge said before handing down a sentence of seven years and three months.

Representing himself with a lawyer as counsel, Jonatakis has repeatedly expressed rhetoric inspired by the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement. During sentencing, ask the judge, “Am I on record as sorry for my sins?” He asked questions like

Lambert, who called some of Jonatakis' words “disorganized speech,” declared: “I'm not going to answer questions here.”

Recommendation, 9 years

Prosecutors recommended that Jonatakis, a self-employed septic system installer, be sentenced to nine years in prison.

“Jonatakis is not another rebel; “He directed, organized and encouraged the attack on officers at the United States Capitol on January 6,” prosecutors wrote in court documents.

After a trial last year in Washington, D.C., jurors found him guilty of the crime as charged.

Jonatakis, 40, of Kingston, Washington, Jan. 6 with a megaphone strapped to his back as he marched toward the Capitol at then-President Donald Trump's rally near the White House.

“It's done!” He shouted at the rioters there. “Michael Pence has voted against the president. We must exercise the nuclear option.

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About 1,350 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol riots. More than 800 of them have been convicted, and roughly two-thirds have received sentences ranging from several days to 22 years.