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Guyana raised its alert level due to the Maduro regime’s military deployment along the disputed Essequibo border.

Guyana raised its alert level due to the Maduro regime’s military deployment along the disputed Essequibo border.

Guyana raised its alert level due to the Maduro regime’s military deployment along the disputed Essequibo border (REUTERS/Ranu Abhelakh).

Vice President of Guyana, Bharat JagdeoThis Friday he said he was “very attentive” and alert to competent officers to protect their territory. sovereignty After the assumption Venezuelan military deployment Within the framework of the dispute over the territory, on the common border Essequibo.

We are very attentive, we are watching events, we are working with our allies on this matter, and our main business is to maintain our territorial integrity and our sovereignty.Jagdeo announced in a press conference.

The Vice President after confirming the massing of troops Ankoko Island and area Punta ParimaIt condemned what it called the border area between the two countries near Guyana Venezuela “took it by force”.

We are notifying the relevant institutions of Venezuela’s continued efforts to create a presence on our border in a threatening posture” Jadgio said.

In his opinion, “This is contrary to what we have agreed, which is that we want to maintain this region as a zone of peace.”

Also, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), based in the United States, released several satellite images in mid-February that revealed Venezuela’s expansion. military base On the island of Ancoco and in the Punta Parima area near Guyana.

Georgetown officials confirmed that they have already notified relevant agencies of “Venezuela’s continued efforts” to destabilize the region (REUTERS/Sabrina Valle)

At a meeting in late January, the two countries pledged to continue talks on disputes surrounding the region. of Essequibo And also addressed Geneva Convention In the year 1966.

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The Presidents of both the countries are committed to progress this Bilateral relations Apart from the border dispute.

The 160,000 square kilometer territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela reached its peak after Venezuela’s unilateral referendum on December 3.

In 2018, resorted to Guyana International Court of Justice (CIJ) ratified the 1899 award that established the current borders and which Venezuela rejects. 1966 Geneva ConventionSigned with Britain Before Guyanese independence, it overturned an earlier ruling establishing platforms for a negotiated settlement.

On May 9, two US fighter jets flew over Guyana Combined Military Training Between the two countries, it raised “warnings” in neighboring Venezuela, which condemned “provocations” and “threats”.

“He Government of Guyana Approved more air travel Two F/A18F Super Hornets of the US Navy Georgetown (…) On May 9, 2024, shortly after the US Embassy reported the move, the Guyanese government confirmed in a statement.

Two US warplanes flew over Guyana as part of joint military exercises between the two countries, raising “alerts” in neighboring Venezuela, which condemned the “provocations” and “threats” (REUTERS)

The exercise is being carried out as part of the Defense Cooperation Agreement between Guyana and the United States of America and seeks to deepen security in the ongoing cooperation program between our two countries.” he added.

That’s what the Venezuelan government promised Guyana “presents itself as a victim” In the conflict over Essequibo and guaranteed the integrity of its territory, Caracas included the disputed area.

Minister of Defense of Venezuela, Vladimir Padrino Lopezexpressed that US Southern Command “Increases its operational activity” in the region and the North American oil company. ExxonMobil “(Pending) continuing its illegal activities in the demarcated maritime areas”, the Guyanese government “presents itself as a victim and accuses Venezuela of bellicose acts.”

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This is according to an official on the social networking site Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) “The Obligation to Guarantee the Peace and Territorial Integrity of Venezuela”

“FANB will not fall into these traps,” added Padrino, the department vice president for political sovereignty, security and peace.

(With information from EFE and AFP)