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Cuba explained the absence of 4 players in the team that traveled to Mexico - SwingComplete

Cuba explained the absence of 4 players in the team that traveled to Mexico – SwingComplete

The All-American Under-23 Baseball Championship takes place from June 10 to June 19 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The 22-man Cuban team left the Cuban capital today, Armando Johnson.

When the National Baseball Committee announced on June 7 the athletes who would make up the Cuban team, demands from fans immediately jumped, including some professionals to exclude names like defensive player Rudel Martinez.

About Rudel Martinez

“In his case, we did an analysis there, given the prominence of the footballer in Granma (Jesus) Venice, where we did a study and a job, where Venice had a very good playoff, including the quality of their connections, reviewing the quality of his connections, not just the production of hits and we made This assessment then we decided that according to the quality of the connections and the production of hits, the latter was the player with the best attacking average during the qualifiers and therefore we decided to integrate the rifle and not Rodel Martinez.”

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About Pedro B

“Revilla’s case has been heavily analyzed by the management group in their inclusion of Pan American, an exceptional case where it has been confirmed or he has signed a contract for Japan and the club he is renting already has a ticket so for on June 16 they will take him in the middle of this season in Japan and all of Contracts have clauses, and with the club its participation in the North American Championship or the World Cup was collective and analytic, bearing in mind that with the rest of the athletes we left inside the team, we think we will get the World Cup ticket, and since the latter has more quality at the time due to the condition of the strong hitter And one of the leaders. in our country, and then take him to the world championships next October in Chinese Taipei.”

About Andy Vargas and Eric C. Gonzalez

“Together with the technical committee and the colleagues we serve in this category, we ran a check throughout the National Series, and they (Vargas and Gonzalez) had a good start, but when it was over Andy had a fundamental decline in his performance and the strength of their versions.

In Eric’s case, he finished with a slightly elevated ERA during the playoff stage. We did a technical assessment, considering that the event has characteristics that are played only seven rounds, where if your starter goes between five to six rounds, or four to five rounds, we have three athletes currently doing better and they have had a stable National Series as is The case with Marlon Vega, Yosefani Avalos and Randy Cueto, given the characteristics and that the event was close, they were in better athletic shape than the industrial shooters.”

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