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Controversy sparked by Alvaro Fidalgo's elbow in the FMF's refereeing environment

Controversy sparked by Alvaro Fidalgo’s elbow in the FMF’s refereeing environment

MX . League

A licensed voice in the arbitration environment has strongly criticized Luis Enrique Santander for his actions due to the sequence in which Alvaro Fidalgo was subjected to his elbow by Alan Cervantes in America vs. Santos Laguna for the 2022 Liga MX Clausura Championship.

Alvaro Fidalgo, in his position, caused controversy in the judging environment.
© imago 7Alvaro Fidalgo, in his position, caused controversy in the judging environment.

Post game provided a separate chapter of the conflict that American Eagles They won by 3 to 2 for Santos Laguna in a Crown Stadium for the fifth day of The final cry of the Mexico 2022 Liga MX ChampionshipThrough the photo you posted Alvaro Fidalgo To share with his followers on social networks, how was his face as a result of the elbow he gave him Alain Cervantes.

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“It was worth it!!!! Let’s go with everything the Eagles. A few more points and we go on.”wrote the Spanish newsletter after the meeting in his account Twitterin a photo in which you can clearly see how a bruise formed on his upper lip due to a blow from a player from a group keep Which, by the way, was hardly reprimanded.

But the case did not stop there. Disclosure Alvaro Fidalgo It had important repercussions in the media and among their audience American Eagles Like Santos Laguna Even in the refereeing environment, especially with a prominent figure on the field, she did not hesitate to point the finger at the match judge.

“What does it take to get fired? Santander and the Referees Committee Do not straighten the way. And in the absence of the high level of arbitration that has always appeared in the local and international leagues.shooting Felipe Ramos Rizzothe current president of Governors College And the Collective World Cup in the 2002 edition was played in Korea and Japanagainst Luis Henry Santander and the Referees Committee subordinate FMF.

Phishing from Memo Ochoa to Alvaro Fidalgo

William Ochoa He took advantage of the victory to relieve the pressure from the atmosphere that arose around the arbitration due to the delicate play he suffered Alvaro Fidalgo in a America vs. Santos Lagunawith a funny comment on the photo that the Spanish midfielder posted after the match in Twitter: “Does he want a kiss or groggy?”. It didn’t take long for thousands of likes and hundreds of tweets to appear.

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